10 Things to Keep in Mind before Investing in the Stock Market

With adequate knowledge about the stock market, making a large amount of money is easy. That is been the case of Zoom Stock that has doubled its price in 2020. Investing without research and understanding of the market can lead to loss of money. Getting started with the stock market is intimidating for beginners. Beginners can have trouble figuring out the investment amount, where to fund and the kind of stocks.

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Here are ten tips for stock market beginners:

  1. Never Buy Stocks without Research: A conversation with family and friends has piqued your interest in the stock market. Most conversations are focused on how easy it is to make big money. It is true but investing in the stock market on a whim is ill-advised. Always invest after learning about the stock market, understanding of the Sensex and financial goals.
  2. Educate Yourself about Basics: Make sure to learn about the stock market and its securities. You need to focus on the individual securities that you plan on investing. Look into the economy and the other factors that affect the stock market.
  3. Stock Market isn’t a money minting machine: Many investors have made millions with stocks. But the market is not a money minting machine. Investors make millions with an understanding of the market and smart choices at the right time.
  4. Invest Your Surplus Funds: Common rookie mistake is investing an amount of money that investors cannot bear to lose. Stock market investments are high risk. This means that you could lose all the money. Investments are intended to make money but investing an emergency fund is not smart.
  5. Avoid Leverage: Leverage is money borrowed to invest in the stock market. Many brokers will loan you money for stocks. Ideally, this is the perfect situation. On the flip side, when the stocks are going down, the loss would chip away at your other successful investments. And the loaned money also has to be paid off.
  6. Avoid Herd Mentality: Many investors follow the herd mentality. Usually, this is a result of the non-evaluation of the information and stocks. However, you should avoid this. Make sure to know about the business before investing in it.
  7. Diversify Your Portfolio: It is not advised to invest all your money into a single stock. Make sure to create a diverse portfolio of stocks. But having a too diverse portfolio increases the market risk.
  8. Do not time the Market: Most investors will time the market. Experts have always warned against this. This can lead to loss of investments. It is impossible to time the market with various business and market cycles.
  9. Don’t invest because of emotions: Do not invest in stocks while being affected by any emotions. It is important to get rid of fear and greed. Make sure to not invest in a stock that you have previously made profits from. If your shares are at low, do not sell the shares in a panic.
  10. Manage your expectations: It is important to have realistic expectations. It is OK to be positive, but with unrealistic expectations, you could find yourself in financial trouble. It is important to monitor investments as many events affect the stock market.