A Look at INDIVA Ltd. as RTO Date Approaches

INDIVA Ltd. has an RTO upcoming next week. This will mark a vital and interesting next step for one of Canada’s premiere up and coming cannabis producers.  INDIVA Ltd. was the 52nd Canadian producer to be granted an ACMPR License for production and has been busy building up its infrastructure to begin production. Back on November 20th 2017, INDIVA Ltd. benefited from a large funding boost to finish equipping a 40,000 square foot expansion.

The company’s facilities are located just off of Highway 401 in London, Ontario.  The facilities are all in-house and are already at scale.  This pushes the property onto the radars of many takeover giants and provides investors with a valuable short-term position.  The best part about INDIVA Ltd. is the company’s long-term plans that have been evident long before rumours of it’s RTO on the TSX.V surfaced.

INDIVA Ltd. offers investors the security of knowing that the company’s intent is completely genuine.  The board of directors have built a standing reputation in being fully committed to providing clients with high quality product and top notch customer care.  The philosophy of “good growth” permeates throughout the entire operation, from the board of directors to the master grower and everywhere else.  It’s the little details that make the biggest difference and INDIVA Ltd. knows this.  The company offers unique branding and has stream agreements with global places such as Switzerland are already being fostered.  INDIVA Ltd.’s approach is formulated and aims to provide core value through multiple outlets.  INDIVA Ltd. shakes down to be a great play for investors that wish to enter this growing industry through short-term and long-term plays.

The trend in the industry has been for large companies to try and get larger through sometimes intense mergers and acquisitions.  This has led to a drying up of organic growth opportunities for these giants and now they’re looking to purchase anything they can to expand economies of scale and drop the bottom line.  Equity side over purchasing has left directors scrambling to find ways to use funding responsibly.  With all the easy equity capital flooding the market it’s a great indicator that investors see the potential in the cannabis industry.

Looking further at what makes a sound cannabis investment during this expansionary period, it is important to note that leveraging a healthy amount of debt while going public to raise capital is a good thing.  This signifies the existence of a concrete plan to spend funding for a profitable ROI and a short payback period.  It’s also nice to see that the company has a stake in the industry.  That’s why it’s great to see INDIVA Ltd. go public.  The company is well-structured and has a viable plan for success.  They can stand on their own but realize the potential for long-term growth that comes with additional funding.

INDIVA Ltd. intends to focus on providing their clients with the highest quality, internationally sourced cannabis, backed by industry leading customer service practices. INDIVA Ltd. understands the complexity of cannabis strains and promises to never let quality slip in favor of profits.  Instead INDIVA Ltd. is constantly seeking out areas for improvement to bring down the cost per gram, whether through adopting new technologies or updated methods of conservation.

For investors entering the market, a company that exhibits a plan for formulated growth, continued brand consistency and the licensed production facility is an ideal find.  Don’t be fooled by large numbers that lack a defined direction.  Take a look at INDIVA Ltd. and see if this company might be right for you.

The author of this article has been contracted and compensated by INDIVA Ltd. to research and promote any findings to the public.