A Practical Deal with Arcadia Arizona

We all may have money limitations, for which we go for a very small house and struggle to live our lives. Even sometimes, if we are too rich, we just look at the class of the place and we buy a huge house, which is full of “class” at a higher price tag.

Thus, let us today introduce you to one of the most practical deals of ARCADIA ARIZONA REAL ESTATE. Do know that another big real estate of Arizona, the METRO PHOENIX ARIZONA REAL ESTATE, is yet to provide such practical deal.

So, let us now get started with the most practical deal for residential purpose with Arcadia Arizona.

5301 E Wonder View Road

Without going into too much of information here and there, let us first introduce you to the pricing of this property and its respective cost. This is where this property excels. It provides you a massive 21013 square feet of area at a price of just $6,900,000. Can you imagine! Thus, if you can afford it, this can be one of the best deals for you.


Further Information of the Property

This property was built in 2010. Coming to the looks of the property, if you want to own a huge “mansion type” residential property, then you should definitely go for this. This house consists of totally 9 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, which are very spacious and enough to give you a comfortable experience. Also this place is very practical as it gives you easy transportation to all the necessities like school, shopping complexes and many more.

So, if you can afford a price of $6,900,000 then you should definitely have a look at this house. This house is amazing and the most practical deal you can get at this price point. Also, we would recommend you to pay a visit only if you have the money or else for the next few days, you might pass your days through regression!