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The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) was formed in 1980. It’s based in London and has found acceptance all over the world. In fact, it has membership in over 90 countries. Today, the body serves as an accounting standard regulatory body that aims at the development of highly skilled and competent accounting technicians.

The organisation has a membership of over one hundred and twenty technicians. Through enrolment in AAT classroom courses London, you become a member automatically. However, becoming a member doesn’t mean you are now certified. Certification only comes when you finish the course enrolled.

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The AAT Levels

Most training institutions keep enrolment open through the year. However, others have set dates for the enrolment. AAT has major levels of the course in different qualifications. These levels are completed on different durations depending on the level’s complexity or simplicity. For the part-timers, some of the courses are not fixed regarding duration but depends on the learner’s pace.

1) AAT Access Level

If you want to study the basics of accounting and finance, this is the level you need to enrol. The AAT syllabus and qualification are of high standard. The AAT access or level 1 is usually a short course, which on completion opens you up in the job market.

2) AAT Level 2

If you need a career in accounting, you can opt to start at this level. The AAT level 2 serves as the base of practical accounting work. The course covers various topics including credit management, double entry system and trial balancing. It only takes a year to complete and get a foundation diploma. The fees amount to around £600 in UK payable through specified instalments. You can enrol in this level without the level one knowledge.

• Award in Bookkeeping

The course is an equivalent of AAT level 1. The course equips you more with bookkeeping techniques. The course is also one of AAT classroom courses London. It only takes the duration of just half a year to complete. The course is also available for part-time options.

3) AAT Level 3

If you need to acquire an AAT advanced diploma in accounting, you need to extend to this level after level 2. The level three AAT course is also referred as the intermediate level course. You will learn deeply about accounting tasks such as the actual account work preparation.

4) AAT Level 4

Level 4 is the most advanced course in AAT qualifications. It is an AAT classroom courses London that involves various topics on the preparation of the budget, financial statement drafting and monitoring of financial performance. On completion, you acquire a professional diploma in accounting. The level gives you a higher chance of landing on a good accounting job. With this level certificate, you can enrol to advance at the university level.

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Benefits of AAT Qualifications

• AAT qualifications are recognised in both UK and internationally.
• The course gives you much confidence to serve in the financial industries as well as other related industry. It also helps in boosting the general self-assurance on personal abilities.
• AAT qualified graduates are always in high demand on the market, specifically for accounting jobs.
• AAT qualifications and certifications set a career and training advancement for you.
• With the AAT membership, you can identify with and access any professional body in the accounting area.