Autumn Wedding Fridge Trailer Hire

If you are the manager or owner of a venue which hosts autumn weddings, either by the confetti-load or as an infrequent event, refrigeration hire for weddings is a vital consideration.

Fridge trailer hire is viable for a:

  • Café.
  • Town hall.
  • Community centre.
  • Country home.
  • Residential property.
  • Moored boat or yacht.

Accessing additional capacity for stock, pre-prepared food and refreshments or obtaining facilities adjacent to a kitchen or the reception marquee should be uppermost in your mind to ensure that all items consumed by members of the public are safe, hygienic and fresh. Legislation must be followed and the cost of taking fridge trailer hire is less than being sued for food poisoning incidents. It also delivers peace of mind at a busy time.

Professionals should already be conversant with their responsibilities so they’ll know that hoping for a cool autumn day or using the shade of trees and walls is simply not permitted. Every wedding planner and events venue owner appreciates that this is intended to be the most special day of the couple’s life; it should be without drama. Of course, reality doesn’t always allow this but don’t let refrigeration hire for weddings cause you, or them, sleepless nights.

Have the canapes in prime condition, the champagne chilled and the bouquets and buttonholes at optimum freshness.

Staff can work inside the fridge trailers without contravening regulations which can be invaluable when the kitchens are frantic.

Refrigeration hire for weddings from leading service providers like Icecool Trailers is easy to arrange, competitively priced, meets legislation and is guaranteed to be well maintained and hygienic. It’s worth noting that fridge trailer hire is consistently less expensive than renting fridge vans because there are no vehicle or fuel related costs.  One firm can cover a large geographic area, for example, Icecool Trailers work in Berkshire, Hampshire, London, the Home Counties, South Wales, the Thames Valley and the Midlands.

  • The hire firm delivers and collects the hygienic fridge trailers. They set them up and down-power them so this entails minimum effort from you.
  • All emergency and pre-booked refrigeration hire units meet legislation.
  • Freezer trailer hire is also widely available.
  • Refrigeration hire for weddings allows units to be positioned exactly where they are required on site.
  • They always look professional.
  • Fridge trailers are available in different sizes and capacities.
  • They are lockable and the keys are left with clients.
  • Hire facilities are insured but the stock placed in them will necessitate another insurance policy. It is the client’s responsibility to obtain the cover.
  • Hire periods can be for any duration and are easily extendable.
  • Fridge trailer hire companies can deliver within hours in emergencies but it is highly advisable to pre-book your facilities so that you don’t have difficulties sourcing the size and type of trailer you require.
  • A quick search online will soon reveal which service providers have an excellent reputation.

Speak to a leading reputable firm about refrigeration hire for weddings and make every wedding day you host hitch free.