Caring for your child custody in separation

Child custody is a complex matter when the husband and wife decide to separate from each other in Dallas. The separation of husband and wife is a decision which has long lasting effect on the development of child. Hence, court considers the opinion of the Dallas Divorce Lawyers before giving his judgment on the custody of the child to one of the parent. The court considers many points before handing over the custody of the child to the parent.

Points which court considers before handing over the child custody

  • Childs age: The age of the child is considered as the most important factor in deciding the custody of the child. The principle of tender year doctrine comes into effect when the age of the child is of 4 years and below. The judge also considers the financial status of the parent while handing over the custody of the child. This is the point which the Divorce Attorneys Dallas, often argue to the judges and try to get the custody of the child to their clients.
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  • Childs preference: The child is asked about their preference if the age of the child is 12 years and above. The judge never records the preference of the child in the court room. The statement of the child is recorded in the private chamber of the judge in the presence of the attorneys of both the parties.
  • Living conditions of parents: The living conditions of the parents which could have impact on the development of the child are considered by the judges. They also consider whether the parent has his own house, employment status, proximity of the school of the child and other factors are also considered by the judge. The Divorce lawyers in Dallas TX have their role in getting the custody of the child. Their pleading about the status of the parent with documented proofs could affect the decision of the judge.