Consider the PuroClean Franchise Cost before You Buy

When a home or business is damaged by water or fire, clients want their homes back to the condition they were in as soon as possible. They are not interested in dealing with more than one company to handle both the initial clean-up and then the reconstruction. When you are thinking about purchasing a disaster restoration franchise, think carefully about the PuroClean franchise cost, not just in terms of money but also in terms of the happier customers you’ll have down the road.

PuroClean handles fire and water damage, in addition to mold and mildew removal. They offer biohazard cleanup as well in both the United States and Canada. They swoop in to bring stabilization to a difficult situation and then move aside when professional contractors come in to rebuild structures.

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What sets our franchise apart is that our customers receive comprehensive care from one company they trust. We handle the initial clean-up and then reconstruct their homes and businesses. Working with the clients’ insurance companies, we help to ensure that the process moves as quickly and as seamlessly as possible. By being the only vendor involved in the process, clients do not have to add more headaches and stress in working with a separate reconstruction company in addition to the clean-up and mitigation company.

As far as costs go, our start-up costs are comparable on the low end, but, admittedly, ours can range to much higher: from around $163,000 to about $322,200. The initial franchise fee of $45,000 is $5,000 less than PuroClean, but the supplies, equipment, and inventory is substantially higher: $27,600-$42,500 vs. a computer system that costs $3,500.

However, the number of our US franchise locations currently stands at about 8, whereas PuroClean has 197. Our territories are open and require a minimum of 280,000 people, and they can have up to 1 million people. They are typically in or near large metro areas with potential residential, commercial housing, and hospitality customers.

Since our franchise territories are largely open, there is not much competition. You will likely be the only, or one of the very few, companies in your area that provides full-service disaster restoration. You will stand out from other companies because your offer more than just clean-up or reconstruction. Clients will come to you because you are a convenient, one-stop company that guides them through the insurance process.

In some ways, the PuroClean franchise cost is lower, but being able to offer these services to your customers when no one else can is priceless.