De- stress yourself for better performance

It is for everyone to understand that stress to a smaller extent is inevitable part of life for better performance. Stress should not be seen as villain. Stress ignites your brain to activate to a higher level to give better performance under challenging conditions. It is an established fact that you use only 15% of your brain, so it is not that your brain has extra work load which results in stressful conditions. It is because of mismanagement of time that you are unable to deliver your assigned work in time. You can go for learning of stress management techniques with Stress management training.

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How to handle pressure at public dealing places?

  • Let the balloon deflate: An angry client is just like a balloon filled with gas. As the air pressure inside the balloon stretches the balloon, so is the case with an angry customer. So, how to handle an angry client? You must understand the psyche of the customer. You need to deflate the pressure of your customer. An angry customer needs a patient listener and so the very first thing which you should do while dealing with public is to listen to the angry customer patiently without interrupting them. This itself releases the pressure of the customer and now he is ready to listen you.
  • Logical solutions to his problem: If you are dealing with public and taking care of the redress cell then you will be facing two types of customers, one which requires only attention of the company employees and you just listen to them and they are happy again. The second type of customer has genuine problem which requires logical solutions. So, after deflating the pressure you must be able to give logical conclusion to the problems of the customer. If you are able to do so then you will be have happy and have smiling faces giving smile to your face.