Dubai Holds London Roadshows to Amplify British Real Estate Investments

Property expert Junaid Memon is on hand to bring you the latest news from the international property world. The Land Department has recently announced events that are to be conducted in December that are poised to increase the interest of property investors in the UK. The DLD revealed its plans of conducting roadshows in the British capital as it work towards increasing the number of investors in the country that might want to pour their capital in the real estate setting in Dubai.

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DLD is living up to its mandate in promoting Dubai to the rest of the world in being a preferred destination for investments in real estate. In connection with that, the DLD is set to hold events in London from December 3 to December 4.

The conduct of the event comes at a time when figures from January of last year to July of this year indicate that citizens in the UK take pole positions when compared to other nationalities in Europe. This comes with a total transaction of 4,1888 which is equivalent to 9 billion AED in the property market in Dubai.

According to a statement released by the DLD, these roadshows are following similar ones that were also conducted by the department in Moscow just last week.

The initiative is being conducted by the department as a way to get residents in both the UK and Russia to be familiar with the existingproperty market in Dubai. This is also to make sure that residents in both countries are made aware of is developersin real estate too.

DLD further stated that Russians have always been attracted to the premium offers on real estate in Dubai. The city, after all, has always featured real estate offerings at prices that are considerably lower when compared to what other places like Singapore, Hong Kong, Paris, or New York has to offer.

The statement also pointed out how the city has been constantly able to attract Russian buyers. The fact that the city enjoys a sunny climate, along with its strong transport and healthinfrastructure makes it a very attractivesetting for many investors. There is also the fact thatit has good connections with many larger Russian cities as far as flights go. Also, the abundance of leisure facilities in the city makes it truly attractive to many buyers.

Majida Ai Rashid of the DLD’s investment arm stated that the real estate in Dubai has always been a favourite among buyersfrom the UK and Russia. These roadshows are aimed towards reaching out to a very important target audienceespeciallysince many of them areconsidered to be investors with considerably high net worth.

She further stated that the market for real estate in Dubai is booming. This means that the time is ideal for investors to buy properties in Dubai. Residents of the UK are among the city’s top tourists. Investors from the country visit the city every year too so at the ten percent yearly increase to these visits it makes sense for efforts to be laid out.

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