How Accountants and Bookkeepers Streamline Their Business

In the modern world today, it is technology that we should all be embracing to streamline the business and get it working faster and more efficiently. Especially if you are running a small to medium-sized accounting department.

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Bookkeeping and accounting has always been an arduous task that takes time and effort to complete. Decades ago, in nearly every medium to large company there were accounting departments full of workers who had their heads buried deep into the books. There was little time for office chatter and the sections were generally mocked by other departments for being such a sterile and silent part of the office to work in.

Accounting today has evolve and technology is at the forefront of this. Employees are feeling almost liberated and have the freedom to focus on core processes of the business without looking like a school child sitting an important exam.

We have now moved beyond using spreadsheets. Microsoft Excel was a great tool for a while but anyone who mistyped a figure or got the formulas wrong would leave the work incorrect.

Modern accounting technology – such as the BTC Software Solution Suite – has come along leaps and bounds since its integration. There are desktop and cloud-based versions, allowing bookkeepers to aggregate those tax returns, merge data and run off financial reports whenever they wish.

Using an accounting software suite help accountants and bookkeepers to streamline the business and produce more statements, tax returns and invoices for a lot less effort and time.

Because the software works in a real-time environment, there is no need to produce any reports on paper. The reports can update even after being sent out and viewed from a desktop or via the cloud.

Cloud-based technology, like the BTC Software Solution Suite, allows for dynamic integration from financial reports and receipts that are scanned on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. This process greatly reduces the cost of processing across the company and will streamline your own accounting department with remarkable results.

Technology can also help accountants to streamline the management process of all the documents a bookkeeper has to produce. When everything is positioned securely in the cloud, it will allow all authorised staff members to access documents anytime and anywhere. Trips back and forth to the expensive printer will become a thing of the past and help the business to save money.