How Do You Maintain an Industrial Air Compressor?

Every commercial air compressor is configured with a couple of common components that should be checked and serviced on a regular basis. A functioning understanding of the adhering to five items will enable commercial pressed air individuals to much better comprehend as well as keep their devices. You can also seek help from a team of industrial air compressor maintenance.


Filters are required parts in all the mechanical systems of an industrial air compressor. They are mounted inside the air circuit, lubricating substance circuits, as well as the control circuit for protecting it against contamination. Every filter offers a distinct and essential function, and have to be cleaned or changed based upon the supplier’s recommended periods and ecological problems.

  • Air Inlet Filter:

Eliminates pollutants from inlet air before it gets in the compressor.

  • Lube Filter:

Clean the industrial air compressor’s lubricant, shielding accuracy steel components from damages triggered by strong pollutants in the oil circuit.

  • Air/Oil Separator:

Due to the fact that moisturized rotating screw compressors operate with a flooded compression chamber, an air/oil combination is discharged from the compressor air end. Prior to useful compressed air can be released from the compressor package, the air, as well as lube,  have to be divided.

  • Control Line Filters:

Proper upkeep of control line filters aids to guarantee the air compressor is reacting suitably to modifications in system need.


Effective removal, as well as dissipation of heat, is an ongoing battle in every commercial air compressor. The heat of compression must consistently be gotten rid to prevent hazardous operating problems and maker failing. In light of this reality, compressor coolers have to be consistently inspected and cleaned up throughout regular maintenance.


Air compressor lubricating substances serve a wide range of functions. In compressors that are oil-flooded, use of lubricant gets rid of the warm of compression, compression chambers are seal cleared, as well as lubricated. In compressor motors and gearboxes, separate lubricating substances are used to decrease rubbing between components for enhanced equipment long life.


Controls are a typically misconstrued and neglected system in industrial air compressors. Nonetheless, their effect on the dependability, durability as well as the effectiveness of industrial air systems cannot be downplayed.


Most commercial air compressor systems are equipped with numerous condensate drains pipes. Typically, there are drains mounted on compressors, clothes dryers, filters, as well as receiver tanks. When functioning effectively, these drain valves eliminate liquid water to secure downstream tools from prospective deterioration or damages. 

You should take help from industrial air compressor maintenance professionals as they are much more experienced in such works.