How Job Searches Have Changed: Rec2rec and More

With unemployment and its rate across the U.K always making the news and headlines, it may well appear that everyone seems more successful than you at getting and more importantly, holding the job of their dreams. Don’t let this get you down, there are so many people also in your position.

However, this isn’t necessarily the case as the Millennials and Generation Z have access to resources that other generations like the Baby Boomers wouldn’t have access to, for example, LinkedIn, a leading social media platform which is dedicated to professional connections. This is a recently new platform and has really changed the way that people find jobs and companies find their staff.

Another resource now available  is rec to rec agencies where recruitment companies are on the lookout for recruitment specialists themselves, for example, Rec 2 Rec London is an example of the sort of phrase used by recruitment agencies in internal memos when trying to recruit in London.

The objective of such agencies is to recruit recruitments themselves in order to find the right candidates for clients. For example, if a dental practice owner is looking for a new dentist to join his or her practice, using a rec to rec agency would be a good move as then they wouldn’t have to filter all the candidates themselves. The agency would recruit a dental recruitment specialist in order to help the hiring be more successful as the specialist would know what the surgery needed, what qualities to look for and especially any red flags that may appear.

The trick to these recruitment vacancies being filled is by utilizing specialist recruitment agents who can often find, interview and suggest a potential candidate very quickly as they have experience in hiring as well as knowing where to look.

In conclusion, whilst it may appear that recruitment to recruitment agencies seem like they operate without a good cause, they have a growing market as more and more companies realise the hours wasted looking for the right fit for their organisation can be taken care of quicker, more efficiently and therefore more productively than if they searched on their own.