How Social Media can assist your SEO

Although Google has stated that social media is not a direct Google ranking factor, it should not be ignored. Google has also recognised that there are ways that social media can contribute to rankings and therefore companies looking for ultimate success online should not disregard social platforms and campaigns. If you are looking for the ultimate SEO boost and want to learn how to use social media to give your local SEO services a push, keep on reading at your peril…

Get more quality links

You no doubt already know that backlinks are a large determining factor when it comes to SEO, and that it is not about getting the most links possible but about getting the best links. When using social media effectively people open themselves and their companies up to more quality backlinking opportunities, providing people with the chance to get their content shared by influencers within their industries.

Build a strong audience or following

Creating a great product or service is the first step towards achieving great marketing goals however in order to be as successful as possible it is important to share your products/services in all of the best ways too, ensuring that they are able to reach your target audience. Socialmedia allows companies to connect with audiences that are not only ready yo hear from you but also ready to do business with you.

Increase the number of branded searches

Social media allows companies to connect with set audiences which then grow to recognise brands and in turn go on to search for them on the search engines when they are in need of their products or services. A lot of people feel more comfortable working with companies that have strong social media presences as they can see personality and a human touch behind them. Not only this but when they see your website within search results they will recognise you and be more convinced to click.

Tap into local search

If you are a small or local business with a physical address social media is even more important to you that you may think. Googles understands the sheer importance of geography and urges people to ensure that their social media profiles contain all the most accurate addresses and maps. If people do not utilise these functions they could experience lower rankings and could even miss out on potential customers.