How to Be Smart with Your Money When Traveling This Spring Break

Spring break is the perfect time to travel with family and friends. The weather is perfect for exploring a new city, cold nights are coming to an end, and flowers start to bloom. It’s time to roam around and explore new sights. All of these could amount to something bad, though: If you’re not careful, you could be breaking the bank before summer comes.

If you want to save money but you don’t want to miss out on traveling, here’s how to be smart with your money this spring break, according to our top financial advisor.

Search for Discounts

It’s a tough competition out there with airlines, hotels, and restaurants, but often they give discounts and freebies to their customers. Feel free to fish for discount coupons in your next hotel stay and meal at a restaurant. You can book them online to save time and money as well. You can check out cheap stays at AirBnb, If you’re flying, check out myriad websites that offer cheap and discounted flights to save money on airfare.

Prepare your Own Meal

Preparing your own meal before you hit the road allows you to save quite a lot of money. Pack sandwiches, salad, and homemade cookies. Store up juice and bottled water so you can easily rehydrate. Slice fruits and stack them up neatly in zip lock bags. With all these in your trunk, you don’t need to rush and find the nearest drive-thru when you’re starving. You may click to view other meal options that are perfect for travelers.

Reinvent Old Items

After spring cleaning, there’s a good chance you came across some old items that you can recycle or repurpose for your next outfit-of-the-day. For instance, you can transform your worn out jeans into a fashionable handbag, with just a few minutes of basic sewing. Not sure how to repurpose, check sites like pinterest and etsy, for creative inspiration. A little patch-up on your old favorite spring dress would be a great way to reuse an old favorite. These simple and easy steps will not only save you money this spring, it will also use up your creative juices to reinvigorate old items.

Invite Friends

Get the gang together and organize a group trip! You can save on expenses as you share with them on almost everything; food, gas, lodging. You will never run out of laughter and fun when you travel with your best buds, and it’ll help keep you on budget.

No Credit Card

The last thing you need when you go on spring break is a credit card. You think you need it, but an emergency travel fund might be more suitable, just in case. No credit card means no impulse buying. It will save you from unwanted purchases that easily pile up when you’re out and about. Needless to say, it is safe to stay within your structured expenses to save money on this spring break trip.

Go Bike Around

When you’ve arrived at your destination, go the carefree route, and explore the sights by bike. You can ask around where the bike rental shops are as most traveled cities have this option, or bring your own. You’re not only helping the environment, you’re also saving on taxi and Uber fares. To avoid getting lost, you can visit this InformationVine for directions.

Traveling is one privilege you can take advantage of after work or school has has gotten the better of you. But it’s important to be money-wise. So, go, give yourself a break and plan your next trip this spring, but travel smart, with these saving tips.