How to Find a Good Co-working Space for Freelancer

Coworking, commonly referred to as shared office space, is known to improve productivity. Freelancers who are working in shared office space report feeling more creative and focusing maximally on their tasks.

As a freelancer, coworking grants you access to necessary amenities and conventional office space without leasing or paying hidden costs. There are numerous coworking spaces available in the market. So, how do you find a good coworking space for a freelancer?

Factors to consider when finding a good coworking space

  1. Office amenities

The ideal coworking space should have all office amenities. For example, Yoube offers desks, focus chairs, phone booths, and meeting pods. Always enquire about all the facilities you get from the space.

  1. Fast Internet

As a freelancer, you need to have access to reliable and high-speed internet. When finding a coworking space, always enquire about their internet. If possible, we recommend testing the Wi-Fi speed to ensure they match up.

  1. Atmosphere

Settle for an office space that is built for maximum productivity and collaboration, like Yoube. The suitable coworking space should be user-centric to provide an ideal working environment.

  1. Access

When does the place open or close? Or is it available 24/7? Finding out the offices working hours will help you plan your schedule more effectively. It also allows you to remain flexible when need be.

  1. Security

As a freelancer, you might need a workspace where you feel secure, leaving your work overnight. Therefore, it is essential to ask about the security protocols the working space offers. 

  1. Additional Incentives

Once you sign up for the coworking space, do you get additional incentives? It could be a free trial period to see if it meets your requirements. At Yoube, we offer two free desk seat hours once you sign up for our newsletter.

  1. Perks

Most shared offices offer free coffee, tea, or drinking water. Perks are worth testing if you intend to be drinking anything throughout the day. You should also consider other perks, such as gym areas and outdoor areas.

Choosing to find a good coworking space is based on several reasons. It could be to change your routine, to enjoy better amenities, cheaper rent, or desire to work in a room with a visually appealing interior. 

Whatever your reason is, it is time to jump on the coworking bandwagon. To work more effectively and efficiently, try Yoube shared office space.