How to Get More Views on Your Infographics

Data visualization has changed the way people look at data. There was a time when people would only get data from the things that they read. Right now, people can share images and provide the information that people would like to know.

If you go to different news sites, you will realize that a lot of them come with different graphics. There are some charts that will provide details about the country’s current status. If these things are being done on national sites, there is no reason why companies cannot do this too.

Take a look at your phone right now. What do you see? It is possible that you will see some data regarding how long your battery will last before you are required to charge. You will also be informed if there are some apps that are making your battery run faster. You will be given some details and information plus you can see how your apps are affecting your phone. You will have the tendency to remember the data that you can see as compared to what you have just read.

Creating Your Infographics

Now that you know that your infographics will have a huge effect on how everything is going to be used, you need to make sure that you will create your infographics properly. There are just two things that you need to do so that it will become appealing to more people:

  •  Make sure that the visuals that you are making will be fit for your audience. They have to find the visuals interesting otherwise, they will just look at other infographics instead.
  •  Optimize your visuals in such a way that it can be viewed through different gadgets.
  • Take a look at the different infographics and visuals already on the internet. Sites like Pinterest are great for this. Then try to create something even better!

When you do these things, you have a higher chance of getting your infographics shared properly.

Other Things to Remember

It may seem easy to create your own infographics but you have to remember that you need to make a lot of effort to know more about your audience before you even start creating the infographics about your company.

Use Visuals that Will Appeal to Your Audience

When people see visuals that they are generally interested in, they will become more interested in the details that you are trying to present. Your audience’s attention span is always shrinking. If you can share some visuals that they will generally like, they will greatly appreciate it. The right visuals can be very appealing when shared on social media and in some guest posts.

How can visuals become more appealing? These are some things to remember:

  •  Make sure that you will not use too many words.
  •  Place text that is easy to understand.
  •  Find attractive designs which will have the ability to catch the attention of the users.
  •  Choose colors that will be similar to the colors used by your own brand.
  •  The right font will make a huge difference.

You may think that a certain font is cute but this will not be effective if it would make the text harder to read. Most branding experts will tell you that they put a lot of time and effort into split testing different ad copy and designs before sending one basic piece of content out to the masses.

If in case you are having some trouble visualizing the type of infographics that you want to create, you can check out some applications that will allow you to make some samples.

Repurpose Your Infographics

Do you want to be different from all the other companies that share infographics? You can repurpose your infographics to be placed in slides that you can share in SlideShare or you may also repurpose it as a video. It is possible that you will be able to reach more audience that way. If in case you cannot decide how you are going to repurpose your infographics, think about the following things:

  • Consider where you are planning to share your infographics. There are some social media websites that will not allow you to post your full infographics.
  • Choose the format that will work best for your website and what you are aiming for. It will be hard to reformat your infographics into different formats. Some even say that this is just not possible.
  • Make sure that you will add some smaller visuals and other animations that will best fit what you are aiming for.

Do Not Forget SEO

One of the things that people forget when they are creating infographics is they still have to pay attention to SEO. You need to create easy to understand texts that are not too long. Do not forget to place some keywords that will make the content of your infographics searchable.

What if you forget to do SEO? Your infographics will not be seen by your audience. In fact, people may not even know that your infographics exist. All the time and effort that you have placed on it will be wasted and you do not want this to happen.