How to grow your LinkedIn network

LinkedIn is an effective networking tool for professionals and businesses. It’s all about making connections with people you know and people/companies you want to know more about. You can use LinkedIn to seek job opportunities, network with others in your industry and find potential clients for your business.

The public relations professionals at Adoni Media have some tips on how to grow your network of connections to get the most out of LinkedIn.

Personalise your connection requests

Make your request personal to that person by sending a message. This is especially useful if you are connecting with someone you don’t know to let them know why you’re messaging them. You can look for new connections in the ‘people you may know’ section. 

Be active 

An easy way to grow your network is to be an active member on the platform. Be consistent with updating your status and sharing content to increase your visibility to others by regularly appearing in the LinkedIn newsfeed. You can also increase activity by reacting and commenting on others’ posts in your LinkedIn newsfeed.

Share valuable content 

Share content that will be of value and interest to your connections. You can post content including industry news, professional highlights, personal  and development, updates from your business or any thoughts and opinions on industry trends. Another way to make your content interestingdustry is through using video, images and infographics to engage your connections.

Share your LinkedIn profile on other platforms

Make sure you include a link to your LinkedIn page on your business website, email signature and other social media channels. Use Facebook and Instagram to promote your LinkedIn profile.

Keep your profile updated

It’s important to consistently update your LinkedIn profile to include up to date job descriptions, skills and other professional highlights. You should use keywords to attract profile visitors based on the words you choose.