Is Couch Tuner 2 Legal And Can It Be Used Safely?

Count Tuner 2 is a live video streaming website. Users of this website can access their favorite TV shows. Top rated and popular television shows and cable TV programs can be viewed on this website. It is necessary to know whether this website is legal or not.


Users of the website should note that the website is not legal. While TV shows are streamed through this website, the copyright of all these shows vests with the channel that produces these shows. The website does not have permission from the channels or copyright holders to stream these shows.

The content on this website is effectively pirated. It is illegal for the site to telecast the shows. Users of illegal sites may not face any legal action, but it is possible that their internet provider may take action against them for accessing pirated action. They may limit internet speed or bandwidth as a penalty for viewing illegal and pirated sites.


Another issue to be considered is safety. Does viewing content from this website pose a risk to your computer or mobile? The answer is that the website does not check for viruses or malware and there is a possibility of files on this site being infected. Also, popup-ads shown on the site may contain malware and on clicking may be downloaded to your device.

How to use Couch Tuner in a safe way?

If you wish to use Couch tuner to view your favorite TV shows then you can take some precautions. You can install anti-virus software and malware removal software. This will help you remove malware/viruses. You can also look at various alternatives to couchtuner so that you don’t miss out on favorite TV shows and other content you like to watch.