Managing your work force efficiently

The technological advancement has provided ease in operation of various fields. The management of work force is one of such field where the software developed for the purpose of managing work force does all the job roles which earlier were assigned to human resource manager. In spite of all the best efforts from managers assigned with the task of HR management, there was every possibility of human error to take place. The workforce management software is the latest software developed for the purpose of managing the work force, eradicates the possibility of human error to take place in the HR department.  This software is multi functional in nature and the various features of this software are of great use in the man management in any establishment.

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Features of field force management software 

  • Time and attendance management: This feature of the software helps in managing the attendance of the work force on daily basis without any error. This system is based on biometric, computer web browser, mobile app and touch tone telephone .The establishment can use any of the methods to track the real time attendance of the employees leaving nothing to chance.
  • Scheduling and leave management system: This feature of the software helps the mangers to manage the employees from minimum to maximum. The employee’s strength from 2 to 2000 can be managed easily as every employee of the organization has to report his or her leave application to the software and the software registers his leave without fail. This system can be viewed by the authorized supervisory staff of the company. The authorized staff can do the rescheduling of the staff from anywhere at any time.
  • Other features of the HR like recruitment and job costing: This feature of the software makes it quite easy to manage the work force as every data required by you is on your fingertips.
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