Planning the Perfect Party

Weddings, trade shows, art openings, fundraisers, music venues, outdoor and indoor events do not have to be unpredictable and tacky. To have a truly successful event, a mood must be created. Many dynamics go into creating a fantastic environment. The color of the lighting in a room, the shapes of the tables and chairs, how the furniture is lit, the center pieces, and the back drops can all make an event more dynamic and exciting.

So Cool Events creates an aesthetic that guests can get lost in by providing the best event furniture rental Nashville has available. Whether planning an indoor or an outdoor happening, you can count on it being a unique and visually captivating experience, one to remember.

Tables Bars and Seats

What type of furniture you choose will determine the entire flow of your gathering. Do you want people to lounge or sit up straight? Do you want lighted and tall tables or low and dark ones? Our specialty is transforming an environment into a specific vision of success. So Cool Events has the largest selection of tables, bars, and other event furniture rental Nashville has to offer. If you are planning an outdoor event, most of the same styles of indoor furniture are available.

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Display Shelves

Trade shows benefit from a carefully arranged network of shelves and display cases. The furniture helps to direct the flow of foot traffic from table to table with specialty items showcased strategically throughout. The displays available are modern and self-lit, great for auctions and raffles when you really want to draw the crowds’ attention to an item.

Center Pieces,  Sculptures, and Pedestals

The center pieces at an event can make or break an otherwise classy environment. Acrylic ware, like decorative plates and sculpture, sitting on top of a softly glowing pedestal or in the center of the table can be just the touch a room needs to look its best. So Cool Events is proud to offer ice sculpture, as well as gambling tables to really spice things up. These are perfect for weddings, charity events, auctions, and raffles. Let your guests enjoy Craps, Roulette, and Black Jack. Glowing dice are available to harmonize with the other glowing decor and furniture.