Ruling social media sites to expand business

Social media sites are no more used only for the sole purposes of socializing. Every young entrepreneur uses their long following to promote their products and services. Toronto being the most happening place for business activities is also the place for the various companies which use their talent to popularize the products on the social media sites. You can approach the best social media expert Toronto to popularize your products and also to direct the visitors on social media to your official website. As many digital marketing services are using the media to develop fan following with the help of various marketing tools, so the sites are also changing the playing rules.

User can follow the post by post

If you are active on instagram then this news could be heartwarming news  for those who do not want to be captive to the bombardment of information, photos and videos, and of course online games which were bombarded on every follower who happen to follow one post only but become follower for life. The digital marketing giant may be joining heads to formulate new strategy to take the maximum advantage of the new rule.

Rule of 10 %

This is another revolutionary rule on the instagram. It starts that if you have posted one post then it will be shown to only 10% of your followers. If the post is being engaged by those followers then only it will be shown to the rest of the followers otherwise your 90% of the followers will never be able to see the post. So, you have to make sure that the time of posting your post should be such that maximum of your followers should be there on the site and active.

Engagement is a two way route  

Engagement is not only liking or commenting on the post but you have to reply on the comments made by your followers to be considered as engagement.