STR Capital – What It’s Like to Be a Trader with This Broker

The world of trading has been changed a lot from the beginning, innovative and modern ways are being introduced and online trading has become notable for traders. If you want to be part of this trading world you only just have to active your search engines on your internet connection, and there it is, you have entered the world of money and trade. Many websites and programs are providing eminence online services to their users and consumers. Modern traders are also extremely interested in online trading because with the tip of a finger, they can explore the whole world of trade in few seconds, and can experience the power of trading. STR Capital is one of the brokers which is designed for the assistance of its users so, they can easily do their tasks.


Trading world is not so easy for the new and upcoming traders, more they trade more they learn. A trader wants an easy access to accomplish his goals, first and the foremost priority to create STF trading was to provide translucent platform for the traders. STR Capital is a trusted broker assistance for those who wants to reach the peaks of the trading mountain and STR Capital provides transparent ways to use your funds, exactly where you want to use them. You can trade worldwide with the assistance of STR capital whenever and wherever you want.


STR capital is a platform where the best trading experience is waiting for the traders in all terms like profits and hazard. The traders enjoy the experience of STR Capital, and bring a new life to their business. STR capital uses the new ways and ideas of their individuals to benefit their traders.

Account types

 STR capital offers a variety of accounts for their users according to their suitability. These accounts starts with the BASIC account, silver account, Gold account, platinum account, diamond account and last milliner account.

Account policy

To explore the trading world with the assistance of STR Capital, you should have some important information and documents to open a trading account.

  • Bank statement proof

To open an account on STR Capital, a bank statement proof is needed for the assurance that all the details that you have shared about your account on our website accords to the information that you have provided to the bank. The name and address should be as same as shown on the bank statement. This information will be helpful in your trading most important in wire transfer through bank account. STR Capital never accept or send payments without complete banking details.

  • Scanned copies or pictures of debit/credit cards

Internet hacking is common these days and hacker can hack your card number, its expiration even your CVV number, but the only thing they cannot have the physical card. The card belongs to you and only you have the possession. Scanned copies of your picture and debit/credit card you are using, should also be needed during the process, for the transparent and quality services. It is to make sure that your shared information on the website are real, and the card is in your control. If the card belongs to you, it should be no problem for you to share the pictures of your card or sending its picture to us via mail. This assure us that there is no problem in the process and someone else is not using your card. 

  • ID information

Fraudulent parties are always in search of your one mistake. There is a possibility that your ID information are being stolen and someone else in the world is using them, to be saved by these frauds, ID information is the most important part of the process. Personal identification number is also needed, it could be your license number, your passport number or any other information. STR Capital asks for the pictures of your documents because one can steal the information not the real documents. After watching those pictures, we avoid the presence of any third party among us. There are some austere procedures for online brokers to follow, that is why some essential information are required for your safety.

Education (finance history)

  • Paper money

Paper money is the official currency of any country, paper money is used for the transaction,     circulation and, other purposes of goods. Printing of paper money is normally matte of the country’s central bank. Paper currency should be updated in modern versions by its security features, to make difficult for the makers of illegal currency.

  • Credit card

The upcoming and modern world belongs to the fresh and easy ways of trading, credit card is one of it. Credit card known to be as plastic money, completely different from paper money. It allows a user to continuing the debit. It is differ from charge card, which requires the balance to recharge.


To empower its client STR Capital provides the basic information and knowledge to them, these basics are really helpful in the trading world and for those who are exploring it passionately and spending their days and nights in it.


Trends provides the information to trade in, what are the real methods of approaching the trading world? What are the prices? And, where the prices are going up and down in the markets.


  • Commodities

Commodity trading is an old business, it is started with the seashell to spices. Today trading is circulating in four groups of commodities containing metals, energy, livestock and meat and agriculture.

  • Currencies

Foreign currency is the best asset in trading business, these are called to be the fix assets in the market and more, valuable for the traders in forex.


After all the process it became the terms and conditions for the traders to agreed, these rules and regulations protects and prolong the relation between STR Capital and its user. These rules protects the rights of a trader because our clients are the first priority to serve, with our best services. We wish them a good journey of this trading road.

Final Thoughts

After reading our STR Capital review you can see that the broker is without a doubt an almost perfect online broker. It provides its traders with a great trading platform, a lot of assets for trading, and some level of safety with the anti-money laundering policy, and KCY protocols in place. You can research the broker more by visiting its website and make up your mind. 

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