Things To Know To Become A Well-Known Attorney

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Legal professions are highly competitive, even after you’ve gained employment. Though legal expertise and experience are essential in this field, successful lawyers also understand the importance of soft skills, values, and relationships. In this article, we explain what a lawyer does, review ways to become a better lawyer and list the paths you can take as a legal professional.

Lawyers are professionals that use their in-depth knowledge of the law to help businesses and individuals understand and navigate legal matters. Though their responsibilities can vary based on their employer and area of expertise, the job description for a lawyer often involves things like:

  •   Collaborating with clients, police, investigators, and paralegals to collect evidence, prepare legal documents, and build cases for trials and mediation
  •   Attending legal meetings, like trials and hearings, with clients
  •   Explaining laws, rulings, and regulations to clients and advising them on their legal rights
  •   Delivering depositions of experts and witnesses for a case
  •   Helping clients prepare legal documents, such as divorce agreements, business contracts, and wills.
  •   Reviewing a case to determine a client’s best legal options

You can become a better lawyer by following these simple tips: 

  1. Build a personal and professional network

Making connections, as with most occupations, can help you acquire professional abilities and enhance your career. Concentrate on expanding your network of personal and professional ties.

  1. Develop your communication skills

Written and verbal communication skills are essential in this career. Communication is the foundation of this profession, and lawyers are expected to interact with their clients, the court, colleagues, and other parties involved in a case.

  1. Maintain your integrity

There are many valuable skills in this field, but integrity is one of your most valuable traits as a lawyer. Lawyers have an ethical responsibility to remain honest and operate within the parameters of the law.

  1. Embrace innovation

Successful lawyers understand the importance of flexibility and creativity. Innovation is critical when developing practical solutions, but it also allows you to serve your clients better by discovering cost-effective and efficient processes.

  1. Remain persistent

As with most professions, you may face a tough case at some point in your career. By remaining determined, you can overcome the most challenging issues and help your clients get the positive results they’re hoping for.

  1. Adopt a positive attitude

Aside from showcasing your commitment to your career, positivity can inspire faith in your professional abilities. You can ensure that clients and colleagues enjoy working with you by staying energized and enthusiastic, even when facing challenges.

  1. Stay passionate

Remaining positive and persistent is much easier when you possess a true passion for your career. Power can also make you feel genuinely fulfilled in your role, which often results in better professional performance.

  1. Show compassion

Indeed influential lawyers are committed to making life better for their clients. You can better serve and represent them by creating an effort to understand and empathize with your client’s situation. Aside from enabling you to become a more successful legal servant, having compassion can also provide you with a sense of professional fulfillment.

  1. Listen intently

Though technically a key component of communication, listening skills are equally as important as written and verbal communication combined. Active listening involves paying attention to the speaker’s gestures, expressions, and other nonverbal cues, as well as their words, so you can evaluate their feelings and all the information they’re trying to convey.

  1. Continue learning and growing

To become a better lawyer, you need intimate knowledge of the law, especially concerning your legal specialty. For example, the legal expertise required for family law differs from what you would need to know as a civil rights lawyer.

To learn the qualities to become a good attorney requires learning from someone who has already built a name for themselves in this field and has been practicing in this area for a while. That is why we have chosen a person that would help you with any and all queries related to your journey to become a good lawyer and that person is Hayk Grigoryan. 

Hayk Grigoryan was born on 15 September 1976 in Yerevan in the former Soviet Union. In 1993 graduated from a secondary school in Yerevan. From 1994-1996, he served in the Armenian Army. In 1997, Grigoryan was admitted to the Prosecutorial and Investigative Division of the Special Faculty of the Military University of the Russian Ministry of Defense. 

In August 2001, by decree of the Prosecutor General of Armenia, he was selected in the Military Prosecutor’s Office of the 3rd Garrison to the position of Investigator-Trainee. In 2006, he was admitted to the Postgraduate School of the Russian Ministry of Defense. 

In 2009, he graduated from the school and successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis titled “Investigation of crimes committed by military personnel of the Armenian Military Forces during armed conflicts.” In December 2011, the Defense Minister appointed him to the Ministry of Defense’s Investigative Service.

On January 14, 2015, he was named Deputy Chairman of the Investigative Committee and Head of the General Military Investigative Department. In July 2018, he was appointed by the government to the position of Chairman of the RA Investigative Committee. Hayk Grigoryan has written 48 scientific publications and works. He is conversant in both Armenian and Russian.