What and how you can trade on the online investment marketplace Bristol House Corporation?

Bristol House Corporation is an online investment marketplace. It offers a huge set of trading instruments and services. In this article we will consider what does this marketplace offer to its clients.

Company data

Official nameBristol House Corporation
Registration date03.09.2018
Registration addressTrust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands, MH 96960
Registration number (on the Marshall Islands)98037
Phone number+44 2081 3888 48


Stocks for trading3399
Indices for trading14
Commodities for trading9
Currency pairs for trading662
Cryptocurrencies for trading69
ETF for trading684
Min deposit300$
Currency of depositUSD
Orders max100
Max Volume, lots100
Max Leverage1:1000
Margin call80%
Premium Red, cost50.000$
Premium Gold, cost100.000$
Premium Black, cost250.000$


The online marketplace bristolcorp.com offers a broad amount of trading instruments. Any kind of instruments is accompanied by analytical materials about each asset from BHC experts. Besides, the “instruments” tab shows you the quantity of assets for trading in each category.


Stocks are the most numerous asset category on the bristolcorp.com. The Bristol House Corporation offers stocks of more than 3000 well-known companies to purchase. Without any exaggeration, some of them, like the Dell or the Monsanto, are world-famous.


You can trade world indices to make money on the bristolcorp.com.


BHC allows to trade the most in-demand commodities – oil, gas, gold, palladium, platinum, palladium and silver. You can choose either Brent or WTI crude oil. 


BHC offers more than 600 currency pairs for trading. Available currencies include Brazilian reals, Czech crowns, Australian dollars and many more.


Also you can buy premium status on the BHC online marketplace. This status gives privileges to the investor. There are “red”, “gold” and “black” premium statuses with different amount of privileges. They cost 50.000$, 100.000$ and 250.000$ respectively. The privileges offered by the premium status are personal manager, education, personal trading conditions, cashback on the online marketplace’s commissions, free and advanced account replenishment, “deposit insurance” promo and personal consultations. The amounts of privileges of different premium statuses are described below.

PrivilegePremium RedPremium GoldPremium Black
EducationBeginner courseBeginner course + 2 courses of your choiceBeginner course + 2 courses of your choice + any master-classes
Cashback on commissions12%21%33%
Advance account replenishmentMax 50% of the deposit amount, up to 1 advance replenishment a monthMax 70% of the deposit amount, up to 2 advance replenishments a monthMax 100% of the deposit amount, up to 3 advance replenishments a month
“Deposit insurance” promoOne month of participation included2 months of participation included3 months of participation included
Personal consultationsMax 1 a monthUp to 2 meetings a monthUp to 3 meetings a month


Analytics from Bristol House Corporation is a useful addition to the marketplace’s trading services. BHC offers analytical articles about assets available to trade on in this marketplace: stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices and ETF. Analytical materials about them are conveniently grouped into the relevant sections. Besides the bristolcorp.com contains an economical calendar which shows the main events in the global economy. Also you can find reviews on the significant economic news. In addition, among the analytical materials there is a section called “Dividends”, devoted to the payments of dividends to shareholders by the largest world companies.


The website bristolcorp.com contains 4 official documents: Client Agreement, AML Policy, Refund & Withdrawal Policy and Privacy Policy. These juridical documents are quite long, but the main ideas of them are collected below. 

Client Agreement

Client Agreement, or Investment Support Offer, states that the company guarantees safety of your funds and their withdrawal within 7 banking days. The clients, for their part, are responsible to provide complete information about themselves. Also the Client Agreement states that all the disagreements can be solved in the court of the Marshall Islands.

AML Policy

AML Policy, or Anti-Money Laundering Policy, regulates prevention of financial crimes through the BHC. Such crimes are money laundering, corruption, terrorist financing and some others. Of course, the measures against them are partially secret. But from the document about AML Policy we can find out that the Bristol House Corporation cooperates with the governments of their clients’ countries. The company warns the authorities about suspicious activities with the client’s account. Also the BHC follows the due diligence policy, which means that the company needs to know its counterparty. So, you can’t trade anonymously on the online marketplace because of this. Also according to this document nobody except the client can refund the client’s deposit.

Refund & Withdrawal Policy 

Although some withdrawal & refund conditions are noted in the previous documents, this document states some other rules of this. The document states that the withdrawal fee is 2.83% + 3 USD per transaction. Also the company can withdraw the client’s money in case of no trading activity or insufficient activity. In case of suspicious transactions the company can deny it and warns the authorities of the client’s country about such cases. 

Privacy Policy

Here the company describes the rules of confidentiality of the business and personal data. The BHC prevents illegal possessing of it and keeps all the data for five years.

Social media

BHC has business accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But in general Bristol House Corporation is active only on the Facebook, with about 1000 subscribers by the July, 2021. The company has very few subscribers & publications on the Twitter and Instagram.


Bristol House Corporation is an investment online marketplace with very huge range of trading instruments and services. BHC offers services with different prices, including free ones. The marketplace provides offers for both beginners and skilled traders. All of this makes the BHC company potentially interesting for different investors. But the decision whether the Bristol online marketplace is worth collaborating, any person makes on his or her own.

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