Which Documents Need To Be Updated After an Individual’s Name Is Changed

The change of name is a major decision that a person takes when he or she is not satisfied with their current name. This can be for a variety of reasons like their dislike for the current name or transgender name changes. Then again, a person may want to change their names due to marriage, religious reasons, or even political statements. This is a big step and should be taken after proper thought given to it.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when you are planning to change your name. You should remember the aspects of exception, and this pertains to the fact that you cannot take up the name of any celebrity or known person. Then again, the best time to change your last name is at the time of your marriage or divorce in that case. You should understand the fact that lawyers can help you in a great way in the process of changing your name and hence it is smart for you to hire their services. You have to pay a fee to the government office for this change of name as well. Another major step in the changing of your name is the awareness to people about the fact that you have changed your name. To know more about changing your name and how lawyers can help you in this, you can click here.

Documents Required to Change Name

Several documents are required by a person to have their names changed. Without these documents, the person is not allowed to change their names. The steps of changing the name of a person are straightforward, and it required three major steps. The first is the submission of the affidavit and then is the ad publication. The last step is the gazette notification. You will require providing your current name, new name, permanent residential address, and the reason for the change of name for this process. It is essential to ensure that the person has all the required documents for changing their names. Here you will find a list of the various documents that you would require changing your name.

1) PAN Card – The PAN card is important, and it has your Pan number, which is required for your name change process. This will help the officials to have all the records in your name changed to your new name.

2) Residential Address – The residential proof is also required when you want to change your name. This is another important piece of document, and it can be a rental agreement, a purchase deed, or even utility bills of your residence.  

3) Reason for Name Change – You are supposed to submit a reason to change your name, and this should be filed in a document. Your reason for name change should be documented and then submitted for the process as well.

4) Passport/Voter ID/Aadhar Card/Driver License – This is the identity document which helps you to have an easy process of the name change. This is another important document that you are supposed to provide at the time of your name change.

5) Court Order – A court order is also required for the change of your name. This will help you change your name in all the other important documents that you have and require.

6) Photo ID with Name – A photo identity with your new mane or old name is also required to change the other records and documents on your name.

These are the various documents that are required for the change of name of a person. This is an important and crucial step in life. When decided on this step, you should carry it out properly to ensure that there are no issues regarding your name later in life.