4 Gadgets That All Entrepreneurs Need

Every entrepreneur looking to make big money in 2018 needs a helping hand. Today’s tech gadgets erase the need for personal assistants, not to mention offices. With the right devices, you can run your company by yourself from the comfort of your own home. In fact, you only need about four to get you started.

The Apple Watch for Almost Everything

Every entrepreneur needs an Apple Watch or at least some kind of smartwatch. This category is the next big thing in tech. Most entrepreneurs always have their phones handy, so it may seem like the Apple Watch doesn’t make much of a difference. However, it places you in a position where you’re always reachable. The fitness tracking aspect is helpful, even for business brainiacs — you don’t want to get so caught up in your work that you forget about taking care of yourself.

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More to the point, the watch doubles as a Bluetooth, so you can make and take calls whereveryou are, provided you have a signal. Even in the middle of a business meeting, you can check your notifications when you get an important email or a text message. You should think about giving your employees their own Apple Watches, for that matter. All of you can connect your heartbeats. Then you’ll truly become a team.

Opi for Digital Safety

Opi is literally a digital safe. The device itself is small, compact, and perfectly innocuous. No one is likely to look at it and know what it is. Opi acts as your own private, personal cloud server. All of your financial and personal information is in that cloud, where it’s completely encrypted. You can sync it with all your data, including your pictures, important files, calendars, emails, and contacts.

The point of it is that it allows you to access all of your private info from anywhere. You can enable anyone else to access the data or no one at all. That’s up to you. If others have access, you can still choose what you share. Buy more than one if necessary. Other people in your office or on your board can save and sync company-related information on Opi.

The Galaxy Note 8 for Unbeatable Features

Every entrepreneur needs a smartphone that gets the job done, and since the Galaxy Note 8 already has a reputation as Android’s most feature-centric phone, you can do the math. It boasts a bunch of stylus tricks, but its highest marks come from the dual camera located on the back. The twin lenses result in portraits with depth that appear even more beautiful on the phones OLED screen, which tops out at 6.3 inches.

The fine art of multitasking is easy on the Note 8 from a reliable carrier like T-Mobile. From the ability to use the stylus to write down notes on the lock screen to the new Live Message feature, keeping up with your ideas is effortless. The S-Pen is a nifty tool, but the Note 8’s success depends on a steady connection, such as what you get from T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network. With a confident connection, you can split the screen between apps, use the Bixby digital assistant, translate entire sentences, and make use of Samsung Pay.

The Duo AI Home Computer for Assistance

Forget about hiring a personal assistant. With AI technology finally benefiting our lives, you don’t need to fill the position with a human. The Duo AI Home Computer looks like just another mirror, but it’s a piece of high tech magic that you need in your personal and professional lives. You can activate it through touch or voice.

That’s all it takes to have control over all of your media. Check the news, take a look at the weather, adjust the lights, and raise or lower the temperature. You can also access Albert, your new personal assistant. He’ll manage your time, so you don’t have to worry about it.

As an entrepreneur, what’s the one gadget you can’t live without professionally? Everyone depends on tech of some kind, and you’ve got a busy life. Tell us what makes life easier for you?