5 Things Benjamin Franklin Can Teach Us About Money Today

Benjamin Franklin was born in the 18th Century and he is very famous even today, mostly because of his quotes. He is one of the founders of The United States and its constitution, yet most of his famous quotes and facts are regarding money and debts.

Keeping aside the asymmetry, the fact that they still hold true cannot be denied. Here are five such facts from Benjamin Franklin, presented Worth View by Make Money Directories, that have stood the test of time and can be of great importance to you –

  • Try to be debt-free as far as possible.

Benjamin Franklin once proclaimed, “better to go without dinner than to rise with debt “. He further elaborates that even if the debt is for a house, we should try and dwell in a rented house as far as feasible.

  • Never be ashamed of your past financial condition.

Most of the people in the society are born poor. With time they improve and grow wealthy. The drive to earn money is good, but if it becomes excessive, it can lead us to darkness. We will no longer be joyous.

  • Invest in gaining knowledge.

 Franklin propagated knowledge for all. He knew the importance of education. During his lifetime, only the rich people could afford education. He pointed out that investing in education can give you a better future.

  • A penny saved is a penny earned.

Most of the people aspire to earn more to compensate for their increased expenses, but what if we try and curtail our expenditures? Franklin suggests to limit our expenses so as to save more.

  • Money is not everything.

It is an accepted fact that money can do incredible things for us. Its value cannot be denied. So it’s quite obvious that their is a want in us to earn more and more of it. But it’s not everything. It’s just a medium. It’s not the entire happiness.