Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on FASTag

FASTag Mandatory From 15th February, Non-FASTag Vehicles Pay Twice The Toll  Fees At National Highways - India Infra Hub

FASTag is a current concept introduced by the Indian government to promote cashless toll payments and provide higher efficiency in the toll collection process while relieving you of long waiting queues at the toll booths. If you are one of those still struggling to understand the concept of FASTag, here are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) along with answers for your reference:

  1. What is a FASTag?

FASTag uses the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to conduct toll transactions from the linked accounts directly. This is placed on top of the vehicle’s windscreen allowing you to drive through the toll plaza without having to stop for toll payments.

  1. How can you apply for FASTag?

To apply for the FASTag service, you just need to choose amongst distinct online platforms and banks offering this service. Once done, visit the platform online and keep all relevant documents like vehicle’s registration certificate, passport size photo, identity documents handy to purchase the service without hassle. Once submitted your documents, hit on the FASTag apply online button for registration.

Through an offline route, you can buy FASTag at any tollbooth by showing your identity and vehicle registration documents.

  1. How can you use FASTag technology?
  • Fix the FASTag tag on your 4-wheeler

Remove the FASTag adhesive strip and place the tag in the car’s front windshield. Once the FASTag is placed on the windshield, avoid removing it as it might spoil the magnetic stripe.

  • Maintain adequate balance in prepaid account

Applicable toll amount is deducted automatically from your account. For recharging your FASTag, visit an online platform that accepts FASTag payments.

  • Move through the toll booths without stopping your vehicle for toll cash payment

Maintaining a prepaid balance on your FASTag account allows you to cross the tollbooths with zero cash payment.

  1. What are the advantages of using FASTag technology?

The tag affixed on the vehicle is scrutinized by the tag reader at the booth, which automatically reduces your toll amount without the requirement of carrying any cash for toll payments. Other FASTag benefits include, systematic maintenance of all toll payments, complete transparency in toll payments reducing the scope for corruption, environment friendly in the form of reduced paper usage and carbon emission.

  1. Can you get FASTag for your 2-wheeler?

No, presently FASTag is not available for 2-wheelers.

  1. What should you do in case you sell or purchase a used car bearing FASTag service?

In the event you sell your vehicle, ensure to remove, or destroy the issued FASTag service and close the linked wallet. Likewise, if you buy an old vehicle bearing a FASTag service, you should remove its existing FASTag and avail a fresh FASTag service under your name.

  1. If you have 2 vehicles, can you use one FASTag for both the vehicles?

No, you must have 2 separate FASTag services for 2 vehicles. However, a single prepaid wallet can be linked to both the FASTags.

  1. How long is FASTag valid?

FASTag comes with unlimited validity. It can be used until the tag is in readable form and not tampered. In case the tag quality depreciates owing to normal wear and tear, you can approach the issuing online platform or bank for replacement.

Ending note

The above listed FAQs and their answers are aimed to help you understand the technology and know, how beneficial they are for both the government authorities and the car owner. Not only does the system help save time and fuel but also is, environment friendly as it lowers carbon emission, noise pollution and paper usage.