Customizing Your Own Photos

Most of us dream of customizing our photos, but we sometimes have problems finding the best designers. At we provide the best-customized photos. Customers give us what they are looking for in a photo; we can use their ideas but offer some services in designing that meet their dynamic personalities. All you need is to choose a frame and leave the rest for us, and we help you through the process of designing and bringing your wedding invitations with photos to life.

Our designs use different color mixes that give a beautiful piece of art. We help you mix the colors that fit your design and ideas. Our colors represent the spirit of different holiday festivities such as the Christmas celebrations and the Eater season at a low cost.

Our company does not constrain you to templates that are hard to work with, but we let you choose your customized designs that will enable you to add your designs. We help you add your graphic as we have an array of graphics you can choose from and upload as your own.

We are professional with our designs. Our crew is trained on different layouts and graphics and designing new ideas. You can add your designs in the middle of your photo or book depending on what you like. You can opt to add more than one design on a photo or a book. Our editing panel will help you in placing the designs on your photo or book beautifully.

A good design is made possible when you choose a high-resolution design for printing. We make sure that we use new quality and designs to give you a beautiful photo. Blurred photos do not give the best designs as they are not clear, good files are 150 DPI at least at the tangible size. You can check the quality of the designs of your photos using a DPI meter in the edit panel of your digital photo.

The price of your designs and photos are calculated based on the quality of your products, the size of your photo also contributes to the price of each photo. The prices vary from one picture to another, but they are reasonable and pocket-friendly. At Mixbook we let you preview your designs before we print. This will help you have a strong feel on the customized photos before printing. gives you complete copyrights to your photos and designs; thus other people will not reuse your designs without your permission as they belong to you. It is okay to sell your designs as long as you have paid for them completely at Our galleries come in different prints such as canvas print with modern metal prints and other prints that are inspired by your personality. We also make photo cards and gift books for your loved ones.

We can ship finished products to you at a cost depending on your geographic location. Our tentative shipping options are available on our page.