Forex Steam Changed How I View Forex Trading!

When I took my first step as a part-time trader considering I had to manage my 9-5 job alongside, I was super terrified and confused. With almost zero market knowledge, I had larger than life goals. I tried to seek assistance from different online forums, review sites and resources and came to know about Forex Steam.

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Forex Steam is a powerful forex robot introduced by STEAM LTD (Canada). Devised for MT4 platform, Forex Steam has been around for more than 10 years providing 100% automated trading solutions to the traders.

Considering the constantly evolving nature of the forex market and the objective of a rise in the profit margin by 7%-10%, the FS developers routinely upgrade the system by integrating latest features to revamp the trading results for its users.

What I loved about this EA is that it comes with an amazingly nominal $117.99 price tag which includes simple and fast download as soon as the robot is purchased. Also, it comes with free routine updates, verified trading results, 4-years license and an array of useful features.

Before Forex Steam, I Lost Many Trades

Well, as mentioned above, I was not an informed trader by any means. One of my friends suggested this field and I jumped into it in hope to earn some extra bucks for myself. Yes, before investing in this life-transforming program, I tried my luck at many platforms. Result? I lost more than $3,000 in just a few months. Not only I lost money, but this damage has actually shattered my confidence. Fortunately, I didn’t lose hope and skimmed through numerous trustworthy online portals to know more and more about the forex world and its hidden mysteries. This is how Forex Stem came to my rescue.

Now With Forex Steam, I am a Successful Trader

Let’s face it, many traders have very limited investments (usually not more than $100) in their accounts. Forex Steam can specifically be useful for customers with such meager investment amounts.  I did thorough research on my part and the list of benefits persuaded me to take a risk. Forex Steam 30-Day money back guarantee was also one of the reasons I picked it as my EA with conviction.

What Inspired Me to Select FS As my EA?

Latest News Filters

Yes, Forex Stem involves advanced news filters that restricts trading during unfavorable market conditions. In addition to that, it also includes a holiday filter that inhibits robot trade on any particular days.

PIP Retrace

PIP retrace is another important feature of Forex Steam that secures users from major market movements which could ultimately bring on bigger losses.

Steam Wins So Many Trades

The above enlisted features helped me tremendously and I managed to win so many trades even in the first initial months of using this EA.


Looking for an all-inclusive, reliable forex robot for your trading business? Look nowhere. Forex Steam can be your ultimate partner in assessing market trends, increasing profit margins and reducing chances of loss. Happy Trading!