From Brads to Riches; The Men Behind The Dollar Sign


Are you a shut-in university student who could care less about what’s going on in the outside world? All you do is attend class and get back to your dorm room as soon as it’s over. The internet lights the fire in your life and you’d rather pick up on the Z’s than have shallow conversations with people you barely know in an attempt to become a social butterfly.

Or, are you the college kid who lives to party? Vodka shots become your supper and tequila is your one best friend in the entire universe. After school, you look forward to stopping by frat parties and well – staying there until you pass out.

Whichever type of student you are, don’t worry. You’re still pretty normal. More than being normal, you still have a shot at becoming a billionaire. How? Well, you can ask the internet tycoon Mark Zuckerberg yourself. Just like you, he and his roommate started out as ordinary university guys – except that they were actually attending the Ivy League school Harvard.    

What was then a small dorm room project became one of the largest and most profitable social media websites we know of today. Facebook makes thousands of dollars by the second and if you don’t believe it, websites like Loanable can help you see for yourself.