How C-TPAT program works in US trade?

After the attack at the twin towers what is famously known as the 9/11 attacks the USA has made any decisions to strengthen it’s Homeland security. And one of its major initiatives is called the customs-trade partnership against terrorism which is abbreviated and commonly known as the C-TPAT program. Under this program Homeland security department of USA works in consonance with the customs department of USA and implements different major steps to prevent any terrorist attacks or illegal activity for that matter. Mainly under C-TPAT program the customs department checks the different shipping containers that are imported to usa from all over the world. And not only they inspect the shipping containers but they also look into the different players involved with the trade.

What is C-TPAT Consultancy services?

Now most of the companies who import different types of materials to USA needs to get clearance from customs department. Now getting this clearance under C-TPAT program has become much more harder than you can imagine. There are actually three tiers under which a shipment can get clearance and all of them needs certification from a special type of consultant known as the C-TPAT consultant. These consultants help companies get clearance at the earliest and that too by following iso certified laws. And it thus becomes the duty of the C-TPAT Consultant ( C-TPAT ที่ปรึกษา  ,which is the term in Thai) to be very particular about their work and that is why there are not many qualified consultants available as such.

Hire the best C-TPAT Consultants in Thailand

In case if you are in Thailand and wants to get clearance for your shipment to USA through a C-TPAT Consultant then there is an option for you. Qml is one of the best iso consultancy farms in Thailand and over the years they have helped a lot of companies with getting their shipment to the right destination in USA. So if you are a Thailand based company and looking fir C-TPAT Consultant then make sure to get in touch with qml.