How to start a blog step by step procedure for beginners

Earning money through online modes is what trending these days. Even the clock running job runners from 9 to 5 jobs are interested to make extra money. Blogging is an interesting segment to earn through creativity of your thoughts with molding words. Starting a blog can be terrifying thought to the people especially to those who are the beginner. It is not complicated at all and to assure you that creating a blog are not as daunting as many people think.

Here to guide you how to start a blog by following these easy steps you can start your blog easily.

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  • Choose your blogging platform-You should avoid free blogging platforms. People make the biggest mistake by choosing the free platform when they are just a beginner. If you do this you will seriously limit your potential success as a blogger. By doing this you have a zero control over your blog and BlogSpot or whoever can choose to shut down your blog or delete it anytime.
  • Choose your domain name- Domain name is the address of you blog. Choosing a domain name can be tough but it is one of the important steps to start a blog.
  • Set up web hosting and word press-Web hosting keep your blog online and stores all your blog files, images and content. Web hosting means that your blogs will be available to every single person in the world. After that you should install the word press. Here you just pick the domain that you choose earlier and than you’ll give your site a title provide user name and password and credentials.
  • Install a theme and choose your first blog post-After that you can choose your theme to make your blog beautiful. You can switch it out latter if you find another beautiful theme. Now you can start your blog by creating content, files and images.