Key Points of the salesforce developer course syllabus that you must know

Salesforce Developer: Certified programming course

One of the popular CRM solutions used by 150,000 businesses globally to conduct daily operations is Salesforce. Several licensed salesforce experts help businesses manage their organisation with the use of salesforce. In order for these experts to demonstrate their expertise while seeking for positions in this field, Salesforce offers a variety of certifications. This Salesforce Developer Certification Study Guide will assist you in getting ready and go over all the pertinent information.

Exam Syllabus and Pattern for Salesforce Developer Course

Basically, the syllabus of the salesforce developer course is divided into six sections that are discussed below. You can understand the syllabus easily through Salesforce Courses in Pune with Placement and become a professional salesforce developer.

Salesforce basics (7%)

In this section, you’ll discover how to take various circumstances into account while creating an application for a multi-tenant environment. Then, you must learn how to integrate Salesforce’s functionalities into it using the MVC approach. Additionally, you want to understand how to create a Salesforce schema using the fundamental CRM objects.

Data modelling and management (13 %)

One of the key areas in the Salesforce Developer curriculum is data modelling, where you must learn to create a data model that satisfies the criteria. Additionally, you must comprehend data modelling relationship kinds, import and export procedures, and schema design.

Logic and Process Automation (38 %)

The core of the salesforce automation processes is logic and process automation. As a result, this portion has a weight of 38 percent, which is greater than the weight of any other module. As a result, you may need to pay closer attention when studying for this module. You must be familiar with using programming skills to build the object schema, develop the formula fields and roll-up summary, and utilise automation tools in this situation.

User interface (25%)

This area is weighted at 25 percent. Here, you must learn how to use a Visualforce page to expose a company’s data. The lightning framework’s mechanism must then be understood. You must become familiar with the many content categories that you may mix utilising the Visualforce page.

Testing (7%)

As it provides information on an app’s functionality, testing is an essential component of application development. It is weighted at 7% on the Salesforce Developer certification test. You must understand testing frameworks in this module, as well as how to create unit tests for different classes, controllers, and Apex triggers. You also need to comprehend the various sources of the test data.

Debug and deployment tools (10%)

This area of the test for the Salesforce Developer certification carries a 10% weighting. Debugging is a crucial activity while creating a complete programme, thus you must become familiar with the different kinds of debug logs. Additionally, you must understand how to create and deploy a protected application using the Developer Console and Workbench. Additionally, you will need to understand how various environments and procedures are utilised to create and deploy programmes.


These are some of the most important key points of the salesforce developer course. If you wish to know more, you can know more through Salesforce Courses fees in Pune.

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