Mack Prioleau and his love for travelling

A student, an adventurer and an enthusiastic traveller Mack Prioleau is all in one. His love for travel has taken him to many places. As a student at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Mack is currently pursuing a degree in Economics. His fascination for witnessing the beauty of the world has taken him to 19 countries.

Mack Prioleauwants to visit Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Like Mack, you should also know more about this cultural centre. It is not only beautiful but has got many historical events attached to it. Here is the list of must visit places at Budapest :-

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  1. The Royal Palace – Sitting on the Castle Hill, The Royal Palace displays work of royalty. The Royal Palace is also the home to the Budapest History Museum, Hungarian National Gallery and National library. While exploring the palace, you will witness the beauty of Lions’ Courtyard, Savoyai Terrace and Hunyadi Garden.If you are looking for a day outing, then keep The Royal Palace on the top of your list like Mack.
  2. Memento Park – This Park was inaugurated in 1993. It is the home to many statues and monuments. It displays some important part of history. For the entertainment of people, a small museum holds exhibitions portraying the life of the common people during the communist regime. It also gives out information about the Hungarian Secret Police. To understand the culture of Hungary, this place is a must visit.
  3. House of Terror – This museum holds great importance in the history. The Nazis used this building to torture the prisoners. During the communism, at least thousands of people were kept in the basement where prisons were built. Mack Prioleau says that this place can be a bit depressing but since it has high historical significance, it is worth a visit.
  4. Thermal Baths – Which bath you choose depends on you. Budapest is famous for thermal baths. While visiting Budapest, thermal baths should be included in the list of must visit. Here you can experience few breath-taking thermal baths. You can admire the beauty if renovated baths.
  5. Local Cuisine – No trip can be complete without tasting the food of the city. Mack Prioleau makes sure visit the small eateries where the crowd is less. He knows that these small joints offer the best and the authentic food without much decoration to impress the taste bud of a person. Like any other places, Budapest is also having many small eateries, which serve the rich and cultural food of the city. You should explore and indulge in the mouth-watering cuisine while visiting the historical places of Budapest.

Unlike his parents, Mack has not visited Budapest till now. But his craving for adventure and the craziness to witness beauty, has made him list out the places to visit, the things to do and the historical significances of Budapest. Like Mack, you should also take out time from your busy schedule to visit the capital of Budapest. It promises to captivate you with its charm and beauty.