Nightlife in Berlin

Theaters, concert venues, night clubs, and gambling houses in Berlin: are all the entertainment for adults that can be visited during a single trip.

The most famous and most expensive entertainment for adults in Berlin is a trip to the famous Berlin opera. It is one of the oldest theaters in Germany; behind the conductor’s panel stood Strauss

Image result for Nightlife in Berlinand Mendelssohn, gave concerts Chaliapin and the Russian Diaghilev’s ballet.

No less interesting and popular version of entertainment in country is the junket, for example, in the slot-halls of Storm International (Darren Keaneis the CEO).

If you prefer a more active holiday, we offer a run for Berlin nightclubs! The most crowded area in this respect is Friedrichshain. In the summer, tourists from all over the world come here, like pilgrims.

Among other popular nightlife centers in Berlin are the clubs Berghain and Watergate, Matrix and KitKat Club, Tresor and 90 Grad. The peculiarity of Berlin clubs is the love for techno.

Active travelers manage to combine all kinds of night life during the holidays, moving from the club to the slot-hall, from the bar to the disco, shared John Harrek, Storm International.