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There are many ways by which people invest money in the world we live in. The similarity of all those methods of investment is that they all tend towards a single goal: profit-making. Profit is what distinguishes a good investment from a bad one, and as a matter of fact, all investors endeavour to make profitable investment decisions; although not all investments become profitable in the long run.

The factors that surround the profitability or otherwise of investment are so many it would take years to completely master them. The mastery of the art of profitable investment is what makes an excellent asset trader.

There are many assets that hold highly prospective profit margins, and many have tapped into the well of these assets and have mined from an endless source of wealth. Many still do, and many more will still benefit from the profit prospects embedded within the financial assets trading industry.

There are many classes of assets with which one can execute profitable trades. For example, there are financial assets (such as dollars, Euro, Yen, and Pounds), real estate assets (such as lands, buildings, and office spaces), agricultural assets (such as cocoa, rubber, and timber), and many others. With each class of assets comes many unique ways to trade them. The trade of these assets is accompanied by numerous profit opportunities.

Financial assets are an asset class in a class of their own. Investing in financial assets many times requires some technical knowledge of the financial market and the technicalities of the trading environment. The technicality of the financial assets trading market is why many investment brokers are in business; they have studied the market and to some extent command some track record of profitable trades.

As a person seeking ways to invest money, you might want to seek out an investment broker whose visions align with your investment goals. There are many investment brokers available in the market today and they all offer their own unique ways to profit from the financial assets trade market, but every investor must come to terms with the fact that not every investment broker is the one for him or her. Choosing an investment broker requires you to have your own investment goals as an investor, as these goals will guide you to the right broker that fits your financial goals.

There are investment brokers who offer services in a range of financial asset classes, while there are others who focus on a single asset class. One of such is the Pibexa Forex trading platform.

The Pibexa brokerage firm offers professional services in the Forex investment circle, and if you’re interested in trading Forex, here is a review of the services and features of the broker’s platform.



Broker Pibexa
Website www.pibexa.com
Trading platform Web-based, and Mobile app (android and iOS)
Trading accounts Silver Account, Gold Account, Platinum Account, and Diamond Account
Assets coverage Forex
Education and Training Yes. Ebook,
Language options English Language and German Language
Locations Fife, Scotland; and Majuro, Marshall Islands
Parent companies Tarvida Industries LP, Hello Technology
Trading tools Market News, Financial News, trading signals
Security Yes, Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customers (KYC) compliant
Customer support 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. Telephone, email, and ticket
Deposit and withdrawal Visa card, MasterCard, Skrill, American Express
Minimum deposit $250

Pibexa is a Forex trading and investment brokerage platform with offices in Scotland and Marshall Island. Its platform aspires to be one of the best Forex service providers in the near future. The Pibexa trading platform is designed with the best interests of its clients at heart. The most unique feature about this innovative platform is the fact that it bases its assets trade on a single financial asset class, Forex. The fact that Pibexa only accommodates Forex trade speaks volumes about its platform.

This monotony of trade assets has empowered the Pibexa platform to stand out among the crowd of investment brokers available in the market today. Many other investment brokers diversify their services by covering many asset classes, but the Pibexa platform has totally dedicated itself to offering exceptional Forex services, and it has made itself a distinct platform for this.

The Pibexa trading platform is available both on a web-based platform as well as a mobile trading application. The user-friendly trading platform can be accessed by clients of the broker on any web browser, and can equally be used on their mobile devices – Smartphones or Tablets.

The customer care team of the Pibexa platform is available to attend to the queries of its clients round the clock. The support team is made up of experts and professionals who understand the financial market and can proffer reliable solutions to the clients of the company.

There is also a provision for multiple language options on this broker’s platform, as clients and traders can interact with its interface in two different languages.

Besides, the broker provides multiple options of trading accounts for its clients to choose, based on their trading goals, and market experience. Each trading account comes with its unique features, minimum investment, and benefits.

The broker provides many educational resources as well as trading tools to help its clients make the best of trading decisions. These resources can be accessed by both beginner traders as well as expert traders. The resources are also great ways of learning about the financial market, assets profitability, and everything about trading.

The tools available on the Pibexa platform are enough to empower anyone to thrive excellently well in the financial assets trade market, regardless of prior experience.

Pibexa might just be the right place for you as an investor or trader who is interested in trading Forex assets.


Dynamic Trading Account Types

The Pibexa platform provides four unique types of trading accounts for its clients to choose from. These four trading account options cover a wide range of assets that every trader or investor needs. You can rest assured that no matter your capacity or investment needs in the Forex trade market, Pibexa has something that can cater to your needs.

The four trading account types available on the Pibexa platform are listed below in order of hierarchy.

The Silver Account: This trading account is the least among all the account types available on the Pibexa platform. This trading account is a good start to trading Forex because it involves a very low capital and minimal risk. The Silver trading account on the Pibexa platform is a good place to build up one’s investments gradually. Newbies of the Forex trading market will discover that the Silver trading account is a good starting point. This trading account has a minimum deposit of $250 which can be invested up to $999. Holders of this trading account have access to the academy and eBook.

Because of the low capital involved with this trading account, it is advisable for a newbie investor to start with this account level on the Pibexa platform, and then build up their investments.

The Gold Account: This trading account follows the silver trading account on the Pibexa platform. The Gold trading account is especially suitable for traders who have gained some relevant experience in the assets trading business. This is because the features accrued to this account are designed to help sparingly experienced traders make the best of their investment. The benefits attached to having a Gold trading account on the Pibexa platform include access to the Academy, ebooks, and a dedicated account manager. This trading account has a minimum investment of $1000 and can be invested up to $4,999.

The most significant benefit attached to this account is the dedicated account manager. This feature guarantees some kind of insurance (although, it is not a fail-proof measure) because the account managers on the Pibexa platform are professionals who have experienced the high and the low sides of the Forex trade market. The Pibexa account managers can guide gold account investors all along the trading process.

The Platinum Account: The platinum trading account follows the Gold account on the hierarchical ladder of Pibexa trading account options. The Platinum trading account on the Pibexa platform is a professional account, and this is seen in the value of assets it covers. The resources that this broker commits to the Platinum account investors on its platform are such that they can only be useful for experienced traders.

The features accrued to this account are proof that the account is best wielded by professionals of the Forex trade market.

With a minimum investment of $5000, which can further be invested up to a maximum of $34,999, holders of the platinum trading account have access to the Academy, eBooks, trading signals and other trading tools. Other features of this trading account are:

  • Access to a Senior Account Manager
  • Expert analyst trading sessions
  • Bonus up to 100% of the account balance
  • No withdrawal fee
  • Interest bearing account for consolidation

The features of the Platinum trading account are simply amazing. The fact that it has up to 100% account balance bonus is in itself, a juicy feature to attract an investor to the broker’s platform. This 100% bonus means that even if an investor loses money while trading on the Pibexa platform, such an investor would probably have made much more by the bonus that he has earned form the Pibexa platform. Trading signals are provided to guide the intuition of the investor. The holders of the platinum trading account of this broker also earn money through the interests accrued to their trading account. Pibexa has provided all these features to ensure its investors are guaranteed of almost no loss in their trade executions. Pibexa is a good trading platform for professional traders.

The Diamond Account: The diamond trading account is the prime of the Pibexa account options. This trading account is for the experts of the Forex trade market. The features of a diamond trading account are beautifully optimized to support expert traders for top-notch trading experience. Hence, this trading account is suitable for professional traders who can take significant huge risks in the financial market. This trading account has a minimum investment of $35,000 and a limitless maximum investment. Apart from round the clock complete customer support, clients on this trading account have access to the full education package of the broker and enjoy no fee charged on their withdrawals.

Other features of the diamond Pibexa account are:

  • Premium contract options
  • Access to a Senior Account Manager
  • Expert analyst trading sessions
  • Bonus up to 100% account balance
  • International MasterCard issued for an easy debit of withdrawal
  • Interest bearing account option for consolidation of profit

The diamond trading account on the Pibexa platform is the best fit for professional and expert traders. All the features of this account are designed to gear the investor towards maximum profit margins.

The four account level options available on the Pibexa platform makes the Forex experience a quite unique one for investors and traders.

Customer-Centric Operations

The Pibexa platform puts its customers above all other considerations, and this is why it has distinguished itself as a very customer-friendly platform. Pibexa provides its clients with round the clock (24/7) support. Its customer care agents are readily available to attend and proffer solutions to clients’ queries and questions. Agents of the Pibexa customer service are reachable through the address of its offices (In Scotland and Marshall Islands), email, telephone or a message form on its website platform.

User-Friendly Trading Platform

The services of the Pibexa platform are available on a web-based platform. The Pibexa web platform is to cater to its clients who do not want to undergo the hassle of having to download a program or mobile app to execute trades. This web trader can be accessed from any internet-enabled web browser, with complete access to all the tools of the trade.

The Pibexa platform is also available on a mobile application – Android and iOS compliant. The Pibexa mobile application is for traders who prefer to follow up with their trade orders on the go. The Pibexa trading platform is highly user-friendly and intuitive. Whatever a client of this broker needs, Pibexa has provided these two trading platforms to ensure its clients enjoy the best of trading experiences.

Security and Regulations

As an investor in any financial asset market, be sure to confirm the security measures provided by an investment broker before committing your funds to such a platform. The issue of security is a major one and has put a lot of investment brokers out of business. If a broker promises heaven on earth, but cannot keep its platform safe from dubious activities, it is advisable for investors to stay away from such.

The Pibexa brokerage firm has taken security measures as a paramount issue, especially the protection of the funds and trades of its clients. The broker ensures that data transmission between the clients and the server is secured with the highest encryptions to avoid the activities of hackers.

The Pibexa platform is also guarded by two strong security policies. These security policies are the AML (Anti Money Laundering) policy and the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy. The KYC policy requires an investment broker to make proper background scrutiny and verification of its clients before allowing them access into its platform. The AML policy as well ensures that brokers take into cognizance the importance of ensuring that money launderers are kept away from its platform, and to report any suspicious activity from any of its customers.

The compliance of the broker with the AML and KYC policies makes the Pibexa Forex trading platform a safe one.

Educational Resources

Pibexa offers a lot of educational resources as well as trading tools to help its traders make well-informed trade decisions. The educational resources available on the Pibexa platform cover a range of dynamic trade topics. The Pibexa educational resources are designed in such a way that they have something that can empower every type of investor (amateur or pro). The topics covered by the educational resources available on the Pibexa platform apply to all areas of the Forex trade market.

The Pibexa platform also has a lot of insightful trading tools which it offers for the use of its traders. These tools are there to help guide the investor to amazing trade results.

The Pibexa platform is just the absolute support system for the Forex trade investor.

Language Options

The clients of the broker can interact with the Pibexa platform and its services in two different languages – the English language, as well as the German language.


Trading in the Forex market can be a very enjoyable experience when the services of an amazing investment broker are employed. An investor will most likely sit back and watch his/her money grow while the broker does all the hard work for him/her. It most likely will be a case of continual struggle against losses when the investment broker choice proves to be a bad one.

The Pibexa platform is one of the best available brokers in the Forex trading market.


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