Top 5 Real Work-from-Home Jobs

There are many reasons why so many people are now looking to work from home, but the problem is finding real jobs. So many times you will find that there are no jobs when you answer an advert or find an online link to home-based jobs. Instead, you are asked to pay a price for a list of companies that ‘may’ be hiring or are asked to pay for a subscription to job postings you can do from home. Beware of any listings which aren’t from verifiable companies because chances are, it’s all a scam. If you are looking for real work-from-home jobs, here are the top five in today’s job market.

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1. Virtual Assistant

Oddly, virtual assistants are one of the newer kinds of jobs you can work from home and really all you need for many of these jobs is a PC or laptop, an internet connection, and knowledge within the field within which you will be working. A virtual assistant does everything from answering email to taking calls to keeping up on social media and literally anything in between. They take on many of the same types of duties an office assistant would carry but within the digital arena. Unheard of just a few years ago, this is the top work-from-home job in today’s market.

2. SEO Specialist

Many of today’s marketing agencies don’t operate from a brick-and-mortar establishment. After all, their work all takes place in cyberspace, so if you are an SEO specialist you could apply to be a digital agency Bangkok SEO specialist or a marketing exec or anything within the digital realm having to do with digital marketing. It’s amazing just how many of these remote jobs are available!

3. Tech Support

Most of the larger corporations now have tech support specialists and experts like for Internet defamation located all over the world. Sometimes they have tech support on literally every continent so that consumers can get the help they need in their own native language. Sometimes you don’t even need to be a techie to get these jobs because you work from a cheat sheet and if the issue is too involved for you to handle, you connect them to upper levels.

4. Web Developer

Here’s another job that deals with everything that happens in cyberspace. You will be designing websites and there is really no need to work within a physical location other than your home office. Everything you do in web development will be for use online, so this is a job well-suited to home-based work.

5. Copywriter

And, yet again, another job that can be done easily from home. You may be asked to write content for websites or you may be asked to create press releases, blogs, or articles to be used for backlinks to a client’s own website. If you have a good grasp of your native language, this is one of the easiest kinds of work-from-home opportunities you’ll find.

There you have just five of the top work-from-home jobs. Each and every one is very real and something you can almost always work on during the hours most suitable for your lifestyle. Virtual Assistants and Tech Support might be geared towards set schedules, but even those can be flexible at times. Just remember, if you are asked to pay for anything, it’s a scam, so keep looking. Real work is out there but you certainly won’t need to pay for the ‘privilege’ of finding a job!