Top tips to find the right earning app for more income

10 Apps You Probably Don't Know Can Earn You Extra Money

Smartphones and mobile applications have a considerable influence on our life, helping us perform most activities anywhere, anytime. You can work remotely and earn money today. People try to supplement their income by making money online. The introduction of mobile apps gives people more opportunities to earn money without any investment sitting at home.

There are numerous mobile apps available online to help you earn extra money. However, finding the right one is very difficult. If you are looking for an online business that helps make money without any investment, keep reading this article to learn the best tips. A new earning app like the IDFC FIRST Bank MyFIRST Partner App helps you earn more money through referrals.

Some advantages of using the MyFIRST Partner App

IDFC FIRST Bank offers any eligible person like a money advisor, insurance agent, part-time employer, or homemaker the right opportunity to earn money online during their free time. You don’t need any investment other than building a network of referrals looking for financial assistance. 

To become a part of the program, you need to download and register your name on the IDFC FIRST Bank’s loan refer app on your mobile. The app allows you to get paid for every referral you give. You can use the referral app to help your friends and relatives get personal loans by sending duly filled applications and documents to the bank. The relationship manager will verify and approve the loan amount, and you get rewards for it. 

The MyFIRST Partner App is an excellent opportunity to earn more money even for students, retired persons, professionals, and anyone looking for an online business. Here’s what you should do to make more money through this app.

  • Create a good referral network through word-of-mouth recommendations 

If you have friends, relatives, and neighbours, you can develop a good referral network. It will help you get potential applicants for personal loans and earn over 15K every week. Word-of-mouth recommendations are the best way to develop your network as your friends, relatives, and neighbours trust you. 

You can find out people looking for financial needs and help them avail of a loan for their needs. You can get a personal loan for them for marriage, education, travel, leisure, home renovation, medical expenses, or anything.   

Letting them know that they can avail of short-term loans at low interest can delight them and help you get more business.  

  • Choose only eligible customers

Before giving your referrals, check their eligibility to get a personal loan. It will help you get genuine customers and increase your income. Check if, 

  • they are at least 23 years of age
  • A citizen and resident of India
  • An employee of an organization
  • they have a good CBIL score

If they fulfil these conditions, they are eligible for a personal loan.

  • Provide all assistance to apply for a personal loan

You can help your relatives or friends apply for an instant loan after confirming their eligibility for a personal loanGet the necessary details and documents and apply for an instant personal loan through the app. 

  • Get the assistance of the bank’s support team

As a referral partner of the IDFC FIRST Bank, you get training and assistance, which will make you the best financial advisor. You can utilize this experience to develop yourself and earn more. 

  • Check the loan application status

The MyFIRST Partner App allows the partner to check the application status of the applicants. You can do a regular follow-up and provide real-time updates on the application status. You can become a financial advisor to your client and guide them to avail of a loan at a reasonable interest rate. 

After submitting the application forms, you can track the progress and update your referrals. To follow up on the loan application status, log on to the app and click on the “In Progress” tab to know the application status. You get paid on every loan amount sanctioned and disbursed. 

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