Use Fire Barrier Backer Rod Improve Your Building Security

You are looking for best fire barrier backer rod? the fire stopping backer rod is made by the rock wool sheath with perfect glass wires is used to make fire-resistant expansions seal within the construction joints. The fire backer rod is an elongated tube is used for total assembly volume and core disposed of with the interior, fire barrier tube is formed by the combustible foam plastic while exposed to fire.

the backer rod handles into the two surfaces to depth, the backer rod uses to control the fire and mostly used for hotels, hospitals, malls, car parking, office, airports, and power nuclear plants, etc…

Different types of the package also available for your needs, but little vary about the length of the rope and joining width. The overlapping rope connects between two ends and it is a back end building process, have to apply the limited depth of the sealant formwork. Below things recommended for sealant formworks, used for air and water seal construction.

  • silicone
  • polyurethane
  • polysulphide
  • acrylic    

How to use fire barrier backer rod

The backer rod s designed for control the fire resistant joint seal formwork in vertical and horizontal structure building, handling before you must know about these following things then use the backer rod.

  1. Clean your surface area using cloth and water scrub off dirt oil and grease of your construction building.
  2. Next, you must remove old sealant and apply directly to the new sealant to loosen it, track your old connect line to apply a new one and wipe the area down with the damp cloth.
  3. Few minutes allow to dry clean surface area, you must take a position to gap the fire barrier backer rod and push it down below the level of the joint.
  4. Fit the fire barrier tube using a gum by release the plunger at the back and secure you can hold the bottom of fire barrier tube.
  5. Using some degree of the angle, you must cut the point of a fire barrier tube and check the material of facing side and end of the barrier rod.
  6. Apply a second line of adjacent in the barrier tube to lower points used to preventing trapped air in the building layers.
  7. Joint they each side of the surface and allow drying out, finally applying the finishing surface.

Benefits of the fire barrier backer rod

The liquid sealants are mostly used for filling small joints in building and control the joints in fire barrier backer rod, below have few benefits to hiring the fire barrier.

  • Easy to implement the connection of the building.
  • Adapts to the irregularities of the joints used for the fire barrier tube.
  • Low water absorption for the construction process.
  • Test according to the various standard.
  • Have two different types of fire resistance to prevent the building.
  • As your needs, you can choose rope length.     
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