Use this pro secret to write content that sells

Every content writer wants to write content than drives traffic, engage the readers and make sales. One of the biggest challenges of a content writer is to connect with the audience. You can drive traffic by using various SEO services[ทํา seo, which is the term in Thai]. You can even make sales with persuasive copywriting but can you engage readers to stay on your page for longer. For your blog to grow, you need to have a dedicated and loyal traffic. You need people who trust you and keep coming to you.

What are user personas?

You might have heard of user personas. Many pro content creators use user personas to decide their target audience. A user persona is a fictional person that you create. You just think of a name of person, his/her profession, his/her hobbies, his/her family, his ambitions and his problems. Write all that on a piece of paper. Now what?

Write content for that one persona

Now all you have to do is to write content for just one persona. Think about that personas ambitions and problems. Write a content that would help him in his ambitions while eliminating his problems. You will realize these few new aspects in your content.

  • You will realize that the content would sound more like one to one conversation.
  • Your content would target better to those people with same ambitions and problems.
  • People would feel more connected to you.
  • Anyone with same ambitions and problems would read your content and feel like it is written for them specifically.
  • You can also pick the writing tone that would be best suitable for that one persona.

How it would help

It would make people connect better with you. You could gain their trust because you would be able to solve their problem in a better way.

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