What does a future with an OWI look like?

Indiana Arrests. They are on the rise. And, what may not be of any real surprise is the number of OWI arrests that are happening on a daily basis. With all of the information out there readily available, you wouldn’t think that so many people would be facing OWI charges on such a frequency. However, OWI and OWI per se arrests, charges and convictions have seen a remarkable increase over the past few years.

If you have become one of the most recent statistics, you might be interested to know what you have in store for your future. If you haven’t been caught…yet…you may also be interested to know how an OWI can wreck your life. Here are a few things that you need to know with regard to the impact that an OWI charge will have on your life.

Finding and Keeping a Job

Having an arrest record, any arrest record, is a huge barrier to those who are in the market for a new job. In most cases, an OWI is considered a misdemeanor and is only truly harmful for those who work in a professional capacity where breach of trust, or the appearance of a breach of trust is a problem. For example, those that work in the financial sector including investment banking, those who drive for a living and those who own their own businesses. For these individuals, having an OWI is not only a death sentence for their current job search, it can also mean death to their pursuit of this type of employment forever.

For those who have committed and been charged with a number of OWI infractions, the cost to their marketability becomes even more grave. This is because now the charge is a felony, which has to be disclosed on any job application. Having a felony on your record will close many doors and prevent you from being able to secure the type of employment you need to support yourself and your family.


Just as with employment, an OWI has the potential to jeopardize your standing in the community. This is because your OWI arrest is public record and it should be noted that there are several websites that make disseminating arrest records their bread and butter. This means that anyone who wants to know about your OWI can find out with a simple online search. And your information can be passed from one nosy individual to the next by word of mouth very quickly from thereafter. This can be devastating if you live in a small, tightknit community. From being able to sell their home or own a successful business within the community.


Because of the impacts that having an arrest record can have on someone’s life, their family relationships can suffer. Arrests for many crimes, even those that are misdemeanors, tend to carry a large financial cost. This can put the family in a stressful financial situation. This is especially true if the individual loses his or her job or loses business due to the arrest. In addition, the children may experience ostracism if peers and/or authority figures reject them due to the mistakes their parent has made.

Indiana Arrests for OWI can make your future more difficult than it has to be. Visit today to learn more.

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