Why Are Logo Mats So Common In Our Day-To-Day World?

5 Reasons Why You Need Commercial Door Mats With Logos | Brandu

Branded mats can be more expensive than mats bought without a brand. However, many benefits make investing in them worthwhile.

Branded commercial mats have all the same benefits as unbranded commercial entrance mats. These mats trap dirt and water, so they don’t get tracked on your floors. This is one advantage of branded commercial mats. This makes the environment safer and helps to keep cleaning costs down. These are just a few of the many benefits.

To Increase Brand Familiarity And Understanding

Using logo entrance mats is important for establishing a visual identity and contributing to your overall branding. You want people to feel welcomed when they walk in your front door. This is true for all customers, guests, employees, and potential clients who visit your headquarters or branch offices.

Visitors will remember your brand more if they see clever custom mats as they pass your door. This is especially true if they were placed on both the front and back of the entrance. They can also enhance the initial impression, which is incredibly important.

Your Brand’s Recall Ability Can Be Increased

Everybody who crosses your threshold is welcomed with a warm welcome. You can include a welcome message to guests from the beginning of the design process.

A Great Look

You can achieve a professional and tailored look by matching your logo entrance mats’ color to your brand and building decor. This allows you to create a unique and professional look while blending in with the surrounding environment.

Inspiring Confidence

Everybody who enters your business, from customers to employees, will feel more confident using commercial mats imprinted with your company name. You can show that you have the correct commercial entrance mats, and they will trust you more.

Have you decided to purchase ColorStar® Impressions Logo Mats? Must you consider the following?

You want your entrance mats to make the best impression. Here are the key factors to consider:

Choose A Logo That Stands Out Against The Background

You should ensure your logo mats are as distinctive as possible. One strategy to achieve this goal is to avoid having a dark-colored logo on a similarly dark background. Entry mats in darker colors tend to be more popular due to their ability to conceal dirt. If your emblem’s colors are similar, you may need a designer’s help. They will be able to brighten up your brand so that it appears more prominently on your mats.

Keep It Simple, It Would Be Best If You Didn’t Overload Your Welcome Mat

A few words of greeting text can be included on your branded mats for commercial use. It is important to remember that the more information you include, the more noticeable it will become. Make it a priority that the material is as concise as possible. Also, make sure that patterns that are not your logo are kept simple so that the main message isn’t lost.

The same applies to spas. A complex design may not create the relaxing atmosphere you desire.


It is crucial to consider the location of your entry mats carefully. Coir is more expensive, but mats made of this material are extremely durable. Coir logo mats are stronger and trap dirt better than other mats. However, sometimes, it might not be important to make your custom mats stand out.