10 Instagram Tools You Should be Using to Maximize Your Results

Instagram can be a powerful business tool, but it’s not always easy to harness and make the most of. Luckily, there are plenty of tools out there that are designed specifically to help you optimize your efforts on Instagram and maximize your results. For example, Socialrocketer published their top Instagram tools list naming some of the best tools to help you keep your business running on the platform. Below are some other tools that you can use as well to make the most of Instagram and maximize your results.

  1.  SocialSteeze

Positive Instagram results are fueled by having followers, but it can be hard to get the followers you need if you don’t have any Instagram growth tools. With Hashtagsforlikes, you can get real Instagram followers for real engagement with your posts. The more followers you have and engagement you get, the better results you’ll start seeing come out of your Instagram efforts.

  1.  Magic Social

Magic Social is another tool you can use to get Instagram results without going through a long, painstaking process. Like SocialSteeze, Magic Social helps you get real followers and real engagements, fueling your Instagram growth and maximizing the results you’ll see from your efforts. They use targeting methods that help you narrow down your audience and get followers who are already interested in the type of thing you do or sell, making your efforts even more effective.

  1.  Hashtagsforlikes.co

One of the keys to succeeding on Instagram is understanding hashtags and knowing what hashtags to use on which posts. With so many different hashtags out there, though, it might be hard to figure out which hashtags will bring you the best results in addition to your own branded hashtags. That’s where Hashtagsforlikes.co comes in. Their software searches through and detects the trending hashtags for any subject or niche, allowing you to optimize your hashtag use and get in front of a larger audience.

  1.  Linktree

One of the biggest frustrations with Instagram is that you can only include one link in your bio. This means that you’re limited to only sending customers to one webpage and can’t send them directly to pages where they can shop for the products you feature or check out your latest blogs posts etc. unless you’re using Linktree. Although you can only post one link, with Linktree, you can give your followers the option to go to a number of different destinations, giving them more options and helping you see better results. 60 percent of users say they found out about a product or service on Instagram, so why not take them directly from your Instagram account to a purchase page?

  1.  Phlanx

It’s not always easy to take full advantage of the different features and benefits that Instagram has to offer, even if you have a person or team dedicated to managing your Instagram. Phlanx is a tool that helps you make the most of all of your Instagram efforts and do it easily so that you can see better results and enjoy the rewards. From an influencer directory to an engagement calculator and product trial options to a collaboration tool, Phlanx is a tool you need if you want to maximize your results.

  1.  Union Metrics

Instagram is home to 25 million active business profiles, but not all businesses have or even know how to optimize their profile to drive results. With the help of Union Metrics, though, you can optimize your account quickly and ensure you’re getting the best results you can. Union Metrics offers a profile analysis to help you make any changes that would give you a better response, keyword listening to see how your brand is performing, campaign tracking to help you see the results your ads and campaigns bring in, competitive analysis, so you know how you measure up to competitors.

  1.  Curalate

Over one-third of Instagram users have made an online purchase through their mobile which makes them 70 percent more likely to make a mobile online purchase than people who don’t use Instagram. This means that advertising and even selling on Instagram is important if you want to maximize results. While selling on Instagram can be difficult without the right tools, with Curalate it’s easy and makes your Instagram shoppable so your consumers can more easily and quickly make a purchase when they want to.

  1.  Preview

Preview is an app that serves a number of functions that can all help you optimize your Instagram feed. Perhaps one of the most helpful functions is their planning feature that lets you plan, create, and schedule posts in advance. In addition to planning, though, they also help you plan and design your feed layout so that visitors are met with a visually stunning page when they visit you, and other tools such as hashtag help and filters. Looks aren’t always everything, but on Instagram they are, and Preview is the tool you need to help you make your page visually perfect.

  1.  Socialgoneviral.com

Another tool that will help you get real Instagram followers virtually instantly is Socialgoneviral.com. Your followers are the fuel behind your success on Instagram, so having real followers that can engage with your posts and even convert is important. It’s not always easy to get real followers on your own, and it can be a long process, but Socialgoneviral.com makes it faster and easier, maximizing your results.

  1.  Canva

Instagram is obviously a visual platform, so having beautiful, eye-catching images, videos, quotes, etc. is important, and Canva is the perfect tool to help you ensure all of your posts are stunning before they go out. Canva functions as both a photo editor and a designer, so whether you want to make a few simple adjustments to an image, design a post on your own, or add some words to a post, Canva can help you do that for free.

What other tools are you using to help you maximize your results on Instagram?