Banner an online marketing strategy by the companies:

If someone has this question in their mind that What is a banner [แบนเนอร์ คือ อะไร, which is the term in Thai] and what’s is use in the online platform. Then many people have seen those ads on Facebook or anywhere where it says sell 50% off on such and such product. Then that thing is known as a banner. It is nothing but a promotion strategy that is used by different companies. So, the company can generate more and more audience to their website. And these audiences buy their products.

It is one of the marketing tools that is widely being used by many companies. Because by using that tool the company can target the right audience to their product. And the sales figure will automatically go high by using that tool. These are small tricks to get maximum audience on the website.

Know more about the freelance

If someone wants to know more about What is Freelance [ฟรีแลนซ์คืออะไร, which is the term in Thai]. Then freelance is the person who works independently for different companies on their project. The company pays the freelance only when the project is given to them. So, there is no kind of monthly payment system done with the freelance. It is a beneficial tool for such small companies who have to fight with larger companies. By that, the small company can easily get their work without paying any extra money on it.

Get the work done easily

Freelance is important for each and every company that wants their work on time. Because freelancers can do the work on time and also charges less amount than the employees. And the company doesn’t need to pay the monthly salary. So, it is also beneficial for them too.