China’s History of Intellectual Property Violations

The Intellectual Property Rights has been around since 1979 and has been acknowledged and protected in the People’s Republic of China since then. But intellectual property violations are still being commonly committed by members of the automotive and electronic industries. Even though enforcement has tried to strictly put an end to these violations being committed and improve on cracking down, the United States is still being impacted hard by these violations on a daily basis.

It Is Reported That Around 80 Percent of Intellectual Property Violations in the United States Is Caused by China

China is home to some of the biggest violators and it is heavily impacting the United States and their economy. Not only do these intellectual property violations leads to the loss of billions of dollars in revenue, it also impacts millions of jobs and diminishes the incentive of innovation that is striving to improve the quality of life.

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China’s Growth Strategy Has Been Successful Not Only Because of Legal Practices, but Also Illegal Practices

Infringements on things like copyrights, trademarks, and patents are common violations in China. In recent years, there has been a push to try to put a stop to these violations, but the hackers are getting smarter and figuring out ways to get around it and still commit these crimes.

It Seems That More and More Businesses Are Getting Worried That They Are Vulnerable to These Violations

It appears that no one is safe from these violations and it is alarming more and more businesses across the United States. The laws haven’t been able to prevent these violations that have been taking place for many years throughout the history of China. It is a smart move to look into a patent attorney in Scottsdale since it has been a challenge to figure out new ways to stop these offenders.