CRM Systems In the Right Options for You

The changes that have occurred in the economy over the past decades the intensification of the struggle for customers, the increase in the number of goods and services, the emergence of substitute products are forcing companies to look for new sources of income and ways to increase their competitive advantage. Now what is crm for you now?

Under these conditions, companies are forced to either look for new markets, or try to increase the profitability of work in existing markets. However, entering new markets is fraught with a large number of risks, difficulties and costs, and therefore for many companies this solution may not be acceptable. The second way remains – to focus on working with the existing market. You should know what is a crm system now?

The Reason

That is why companies are trying by all means to constantly increase and maintain their market share, searching for sources for realizing this growth. However, the growth in sales can no longer occur only by attracting more new customers. It is necessary to look for internal reserves of growth. These reserves are the customers of the companies. It is the preservation of these customers that leads to the strengthening of the position of companies in the market. Since it is the customers that determine the levels of the company’s overall financial and market indicators – profit, return on investment, market share, sales growth rates, it is precisely efforts to increase their loyalty, value and satisfaction that will bring the company dividends.

The Right Loyalty

In order to increase customer loyalty, value and customer satisfaction, it is necessary to introduce a customer relationship management system at the enterprise. Implementation of a customer relationship management algorithm and methods for assessing customer loyalty, satisfaction and value levels in a single management system will improve the quality of customer service. For the best mobile crm this is important now.

  • A large number of works in foreign and domestic literature, as well as in periodicals, are devoted to the problems of customer relationship management and marketing communications. However, the issue of developing a customer relationship management strategy at the enterprise and its implementation in small and medium-sized enterprises, in our opinion, is not adequately covered in the specialized literature. Most of the materials are a description of the technological base of customer relationship management

Conclusion for you

However, the success of the implementation lies in the development and application of marketing techniques and tools for working with clients,


  • Which are poorly represented in theoretical and methodological materials. There are no materials on the specifics of various industries.
  • All these facts determined the relevance of the topic stated in the thesis.
  • The purpose and objectives of the study. 

The purpose of the dissertation research is the development of the theoretical foundations and methodological recommendations for working with the client base in the marketing system at the enterprise.

To achieve this goal, the following tasks were set and solved within the framework of the dissertation:

  • The concepts of customer, customer relationship management strategies, CRM systems, their relationship and place in the enterprise marketing system are systematized and refined
  • Existing scientific concepts of customer relationship management were investigated
  • an algorithm for working with the client base of the company is proposed
  • A model for assessing the client base was developed using indicators of loyalty, value and customer satisfaction
  • The principles of segmenting the customer base are proposed
  • justified organizational changes necessary for the implementation of customer relationship management strategies in the enterprise marketing system
  • recommendations were made on choosing the CRM-system most suitable for the organization

The object of research is foreign and domestic enterprises

The subject of the study is the theoretical and methodological issues of forming a customer relationship management system in the enterprise marketing system.

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