How Great Landscaping Can Improve the Image of Your Business

What You Should Know About Hard Landscaping

If people see the area surrounding your commercial building, might they see an attracting landscaped garden? With grass, plants and flowers abound, the garden may resemble a manicured paradise. For the garden to look beautiful, there are underlying foundations which hold the flora together. They include walls, terraces, patios as well as pathways. All these structures are essential for carrying out the process.

Hard landscaping is an essential aspect of the garden structure. Apart from being attractive, the garden should be sturdy and functional. It should unite the visual view of the garden and the home. When carrying out hard landscaping, there are several aspects that you need to consider.


This type of process is one of the high stages of constructing a garden. Therefore, a detailed budget should be prepared. For one to draft a budget, it is prudent to estimate the materials needed from different suppliers to ensure that the process is cost effective. Apart from the materials, the budget should also have finishing products, labour cost, Sealers and substrate materials. Since the budget can change, it is vital that one drafts a flexible budget.


In areas of high traffic, it is essential to use high-quality materials. It is because weathering and natural wear will be accelerated by seasonal changes. In areas with cold weather, foundations should also be considered to minimise damages caused by frost.


Just as care is directed to a kid, a garden should be cared for when designing of the landscapes is taking place. For instance, paved areas close to the office building should be created with a slope in angle away from the structure. Doing this will ensure that water from the rain is drained away from the building to prevent flooding from taking place.


Any construction needs to consider the size of the location according to the plan. The same applies to a landscape. Therefore, you need to consider the flow near the landscape and how it relates to the sitting, eating, entertainment or walking space. For instance, patios and decks need a minimum of 10 sq. ft for every person, while pathways need a 3ft width.

Structure Position

The positioning of structures is critical when it comes to this process. Therefore, decks and terraces should be close to the house for the natural development of the garden. It is prudent to avoid areas with big trees to prevent root disturbance. The pathways should be planned carefully so that it can guide visitors around the garden.


Hard landscapes need timely checking and maintenance to retain their quality and beauty. For instance, wooden fences should be painted on a regular basis so that they can maintain a good appearance and prevent frequent wearing out. In certain areas, spraying is essential in repelling insects such as termites. When some landscapes are not maintained, they can pose as the safety hazards. An example is when decaying or loose bricks are not replaced.

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