Jail Calls Don’t Have To Be Expensive

Jail calls don’t have to be expensive for families and inmates. Believe it or not but a service like GlobalTel can save you hundreds of dollars a month on jail calls. Their service is safe and effective and costs only 49.99 for the first three months. Don’t hesitate on saving money with GlobalTel. Sign up today and get the savings that will free up your budget for the things that  matter the most. Inmate calling between families, loved ones, business colleagues and more call with a jail call service that saves them money they won’t get by calling with GTL or Securus alone.

People that call with GlobalTel save the money they never wanted to pay. Jail call services charge far more than is necessary for long distance calls and it’s unfair to the families that love their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, girlfriends, and boyfriends. GlobalTel began on the premise that you can save money on jail calls and that this knowledge is unknown to the people who need it the most. They began saving people money and the world became a better place. You can rest at night knowing that the savings you get are going to help you pay the bills you need to pay.

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Inmate calling and jail calls are not expensive with their jail call service. After you sign up for GTL or Securus, sign up with GlobalTel to get the extra savings. The service pays for itself and you’ll love saving money each month. You probably know that the calling rate to jail is far above what it needs to be. Calling jail shouldn’t cost so much, especially for families that struggle as is. GlobalTel has sympathy and a great service in store for you. Just sign up and start calling!

Get started with GlobalTel and never look back. Save money and cancel your service anytime as there is no contract to get started. Just pay the initial rate and you’re off to saving money that you need for the other things that matter the most. Inmate and families shouldn’t have to carry this extra burden just because the phone services say so. No one deserves the treatment jail call services provide and enforce upon you. Save the money you need for more important things and you won’t regret the savings. We know you’ll love our service guaranteed get started today at GlobalTel.com.