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Making the most of your android device is mandatory. Not only because it allows you to perform a range of activities but also because it helps you save time and effort off of your busy life schedule. Finding a perfect app that will help you take care of your device is mandatory.

You might need to be organised so that you can locate all of your files and documents at ease, or you might even want to optimise your phone so that it does not lag or even turn into a furnace while you play games or scroll on your phone for longer hours. And not to forget, the amount of cache that gets stored in your devices even without your knowledge. Due to the numerous social media apps, we use in the modern day, the collection of cache is limitless.

Therefore, taking care of all the junk files and getting rid of the ones you do not need is necessary. You might also need a good antivirus in order to keep them out of any malware or suspicious threats that may cause harm to your device. So, if you need an all-in-one app that will perform all of these and keep your device well protected and optimised, the ‘Laser File Explorer’ app and cleaner is exactly what you have been looking for!

About Laser File Explorer App

The app is a powerful junk cleaner so it will help you to clean all of the cache that has clogged up the memory and space of your device and give you all the space you need for all your important files. The installation packages that come with all of your apps on your device can also be cleaned up giving you more free space on your device.

This way you never have to go through the frustration of running out of storage. The file explorer on the app is super smart and allows you to categorise all of your apps, media files, documents, downloads, and other files in different formats and also APK files.

You can also encrypt your files so that you can keep them safe and protected from all unauthorised people. You can also transfer your files at ease between devices using FTP connections with no hassle whatsoever. This way, sharing your documents is going to be super convenient. Search for all your documents that are categorise within seconds.

The CPU cooler also allows you to shut down all of the apps that cause your device’s temperature to rise and thereby extend your device’s battery life. The speed booster will help your device to operate smoothly and provide you with the best performance of your device. You can also check out the battery saver option in order to help have an extended battery life.

This way you do not have to worry about constantly changing your device. So, hurry and get your hands on the ‘Laser File Explorer’ app to experience the best performance of your device!

This file explorer has built in junk cleaning feature like many Android cleaners. Apps like Clean Master app, NOX Cleaner app, AVG Cleaner and etc. are developed to provide junk cleaning with extra features like optimizing and boosting.

Download Laster File Explorer Apk

Many Android phones does not support play store. If you are unable to use default app store, find this application, you can try third-party Android app store. There are many free Android app stores like AC Market, Happymod, Aptoide, APKPure and more. Here we are using AC Market. You can also try Happymod apk too. Both provide similar apps and games.

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